Lose Some Weight Flatso!

Over at ProWrestling.net they some news about WWE telling Manu he needs to lose some weight. Never mind all of the other fat guys on the roster they decided to target this Samoan guy right off the bat. Has anyone looked at Big Shows waist lately? He is back to his old BIG self and no one is whispering a word to that guy. Instead, the guy who has a genetic resistance to being skinny is singled out and told he is fat. Nice move, here we have a Little Big Show on our hands and they are preventing him from fulfilling natural his born role. How else are we going to have that dream angle of Boogeyman placing a curse on Big Show and as he rolls under the ring an incredibly shorter version rolls out the other side? How else is JR going to yell “I don’t believe what I just saw.” -Jeremy

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One Response

  1. Rikishi must have taken all his old ring gear with him when he left. Vince doesnt have the funds right now to hire a seamstress to make a new “giant man diaper.”

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