We here at Stunt Granny would like to send out all our best to you, our loyal readers on this joyous day of over indulgence and prosperous gluttony. So get back to the television and watch The Lions get their asses kicked. Fucking Fords. -Jeremy

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7 Responses

  1. Nice pic :D

    Happy Turkey Day to the entire SG crew!

    Maybe the Lions can have a winless season, huh J?

  2. Ha, you beat me to it, Mr. Maes. I was just gonna post a picture of the Gobbledy Gooker (no video of that atrocity seems to exist online), but yours is much tastier.

  3. Happy ThING. I thought you were referencing the TNA angle ‘young lions’ and was really wondering why.

    -Lose a turn-

  4. WWF – The Gobbledygooker

  5. Pretty sure the combined four here on Stunt Granny and a turkey baster could play better defense than the lions. Horrible.

  6. How many Lions does it take to tackle a running back? I don’t know ,but it is obviously more than 11.

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