PWO – Season 2 – Episode 19

No, it wasn't quite time for Ohio State football.

No, it wasn't quite time for Ohio State football.

Bobby Beverly, with Sex Appeal, took on “Omega” Aaron Draven, who had his ribs taped up from the beating he took from Mike Tolar a couple of weeks ago. Joe Dombrowski and Michael Cash noted that the match was to qualify for the Four Way TV Title Match at Wrestlelution 2. Draven took over Beverly several head lock take overs. Draven sentoned Beverly & Shields through the second and top rope. Beverly had Draven belly down on his own shoulders and dropped to his knees for a gut buster. Beverly continued to work on Draven’s ribs with kicks, splashes and shoulder blocks. Draven hit a reverse huracanrana. Beverly hit an overhead release throw that landed Draven on his ribs. Draven hit the Spnish Fly (Flux Capacitor) for the win.

Analysis: They PWO showed a replay while both men were down during the match which needed to be noted since they timed them poorly before then. Shields did a piss poor job of interfering in the match. The match was good with Beverly focusing on ribs but the babyface overcoming the odds for the win and the shot at the PWO TV Title.

Dombrowski had a sit down interview with Josh Prohibition who was asked to recount the beginnings of his relationship with Johnny Gargano. Prohibition talked about how he realized he wanted to give back to wrestling after many years working and start teaching a very young Gargano the basics. He continued by saying they were never a team and that Gargano was always his puppet. Prohibition said he’s the best wrestler in Pro Wrestling Ohio and will take out Gargano if he pleases.

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