TNA signs Lacey Von Erich… holy crap, she’s hot

Oh, you naughty young professional, you.

Oh, you naughty young professional, you.

According to Jeremy Borash’s Twitter page and his Facebook status, TNA has just signed Lacey Von Erich, daughter of the late Kerry Von Erich, to its Knockouts division. Now, I’m monitoring a computer lab at a major university, and the lab is full of girls right now, and the professor coming in about 10 minutes from now is a woman, so I apologize for the hurriedness and the SFW-ness of this post and the above photo, but rest assured, Lacey Von Erich is hot (some might even call her Wrestlelicious, baby, yeah!), and that’s all that really matters in a division already teeming with talented women yet now short one sex-pot skank. More pics to come, probably on our forum. -Eric

Jim Cornette Sets The Record Straight

Was this woman really hit on instead of Beyonce? Just listen and find out.

Was this woman really hit on instead of Beyonce? Just listen and find out.

So this might be the only time I ever link to another site’s audio, but I felt like this time it had to be done in order to get the story right. Jim Cornette does a weekly audio for the people at Who’s Slamming Who, and it’s consistently excellent and you need to listen to it each and every week. This week, however, is even more important because it’s all about Cornette’s release from TNA and what really happened leading up to that event.

Other sites may have a bunch of nonsense about the story that just isn’t true, but we like to tell the real story, and in this case, I’ll just let Jim Cornette himself tell the real story. Long story short, TNA wanted him to be 100 percent behind their creative direction, and if you know anything about Cornette, you know that that just isn’t going to happen when the creative team features Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara. And unlike what you may have heard elsewhere, it was an amicable parting of the ways. In any event, you can listen to it here:  Who’s Slamming Who?

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