John Cena injured (VIDEO UPDATE), Shelton Benjamin sad (about something else)

Drinking out of a red plastic cup? That's cool.

According to reports at, John Cena injured his leg during a steel cage match against Wade Barrett at a house show in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on Tuesday night. The link posted above describes Cena giving Barrett a bulldog, then being unable to immediately get up. Boy, as if John Cena wasn’t already the modern-day Hulk Hogan, now he’s landing on his butt all the time doing this bulldog (like Hogan landing the legdrop), and maybe Cena’s coccyx couldn’t handle it anymore. Let’s fast-forward past the “he’s gonna miss WrestleMania” talk and wonder if Cena will talk about FU’ing the 19,000-pound Big Show in front of one million people at Madison Square Garden before going in for seven back surgeries in a row. Come on, man, avoid these stingers and put more padding in your jorts!

(VIDEO UPDATE: Once again, pulls it out: Some fan with a nice camera they snuck past security took this footage of Cena’s post-match speech and hobbling out of the ring. Yeeouch)

Also according to, Shelton Benjamin has spoken out against whomever attended a recent memorial for the late former WWE superstar Umaga, as the person snapped pictures of other wrestling talent and then sold them to TMZ. (As much as it upsets Benjamin, I’m afraid I have to post the TMZ link, right here, as it’s simply my journalistic duty.) Benjamin, on his Twitter account, said:

Ekkie’s memorial was both personal and private and not for public display, so it really pisses me off to see a trust betrayed. But I will root out this piece of shit who did this.

And then, like his WWE career, he’ll get bored with rooting in a few days and go back to playing video games. -Eric

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