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Leave it to “Loose Cannon” Dusty Pillman to broach a topic… and in doing so, uncover a need, a problem, and a solution all at once.

We started this site in August 2008 as an answer to a question not asked in most pro wrestling media but often uttered under our breaths: “Did WWE really burn down Jeff Hardy’s house?” Kidding, the question was more like, who’s going to hold these “untouchable” pro wrestlers’ feet to the fire when they do dumb stuff like drink, drive, fight, f*ck, shoot, shoot up, smear sh*t, slap fans, slap each other, slap themselves, and slap us in the face with their sheer stupidity? Hey, they’re human, they have the right to make mistakes. But, inspired heavily by What Would Tyler Durden Do as well as the other blue-humor media we all follow, we decided we have the right to call them out on it.
My friends, do not despair, we are not spent yet. Every time Kurt Angle gargles a pill, a joke is there to be made. Every time Matt Hardy eats a grape, someone must hold the barf bag. And every time Midland, Michigan wins Better Homes & Gardens Beautiful City of the Year, well, I’ll eat my hat.
But along the way, the actual wrestling product – televised, in person, merchandise, ice cream bars or lack thereof – began to suck. Then continued to suck. Then gotten suckier. And in the meantime, while trying to keep our interest from waning, all sorts of great, new pop culture and media things have cropped up, from awesome TV shows to TV shows that are awesome because of how ridiculous they are; from bands we’ve grown to love to bands that ought to David Carradine themselves for their sins on music; from arthouse movies starring Steve Carell and Ed Helms to shithouse movies starring Kevin James and Kevin James.
So to try to find a balance, to keep our creative juices flowing, and to keep us from blowing our brains out in the garage with the car running, we plan to offer you our asshole opinions on more than just the tepid goings-on of on-screen pro wrestling, and on more than the wild-and-out lives of the G-level celebrity wrestlers we know and love. We might talk TV, we might talk movies, we might talk music, we might talk current news… we’re flinging the pot of pasta against you, the wall, and we hope everything sticks.
Jeremy Maes

Yeah something had to give already around here and it couldn’t have been any sooner. We have all discussed it in IM’s, emails, texts or over the phone. Something just hasn’t been right around here the last ,um, year?

The reason is that wrestling is a damn bore.

It is full of unoriginal, tired, tedious and uninspired concepts. There is no originality left in the wrestling world. There is no personality. Athleticism can only go so far when you do not care one iota about the people you are watching. Wrestling was personality based but now that everyone, minus a few, people have the exact same personality and look what’s the point. It’s like watching porn and they all have 38 DD implants and stick thin figures except that each woman has a different hair color. This is what wrestling has become.

So changing things up is the perfect opportunity to showcase StuntGranny. Yeah we can cover wrestling still but it isn’t the passion it used to be. When watching wrestling becomes a chore why bother? How many Kurt Angle or Matt hardy jokes can be made? Contrary to belief there is not an infinite amount of one liners and zingers. (Insert matt hardy joke here.)

Now it is time to write about other topics that we are actually interested in exploring. Movies, television and everyday occurrences are far more interesting and hold a much larger interest than the next great CM Punk promo.  Honey Boo Boo or a two headed girl are incredibly more tangible tan yet another Aces & 8’s promo.  Seeing some filthy, lazy slob and her hoard of feces filled Gatorade bottles destroys any Daniel Bryan and Kane exchange. It isn’t that there is anything wrong with wrestling. It is just that, well, the freak show has moved on.

Kevin DiFrango

Dusty suggested during the 200th Audio that if we did another 200, we’d be an entertainment blog by then. Considering all of our apathy towards wrestling in general for various reason, I decided that there was no reason to wait. I started an email chain and got everyone on board for the change. We won’t make it a depot of our frustrations for our particular teams (In my case, all things Pittsburgh) but we will cover sports, entertainment and still professional wrestling. We love it in our cores so it won’t go away but we wanted to use our talents to help expand the Stunt Granny brand to other branches of entertainment and sports. If the WWE thinks they can produce music & movies, why shouldn’t we entertain our fans in multiple way? As the one of the late Owen Hart’s shirts said”Enough Is Enough” on the front and “It’s (Picture of a) Clock For A Change.” (on the back.)

We love this clip. We love this little old lady. We even love condescending-ass Nick Bakay explaining how an old woman being shoved down at ringside is a tried-and-true way to get heat. Consider this site us shoving an old lady down.

StuntGranny.com was started in August 2008 as a platform for the snarky pro wrestling commentary of Dusty Giebink, Eric Nelson, Jeremy Maes and Kevin DiFrango. The four embrace the ridiculousness of professional wrestling while still wanting nothing but the best for its performers. Well, most of them. StuntGranny.com features analysis, blogs, podcasts and opinions on the sport and business of wrestling, and hopefully readers will get a chuckle out of the whole ordeal. You can reach all four of us on Twitter! @Stuntgranny.

Dusty Giebink started watching wrestling religiously when “Ravishing” Rick Rude attacked “Rowdy” Roddy Piper on the Brother Love Show.  Captivated by the outlandish characters and storylines, he never turned back and was hooked for life, for better and much worse.  Dusty got his big break in the pro wres journalism business by writing reviews for the world renowned WWE Velocity program for PWTorch.com.  Somehow, he managed to parlay that into a sweet gig of riding Jeremy Maes’ coattails into a weekly audio program, and now StuntGranny.com.  He has no idea how to make proper posts on this here website, so his appearances will be sporadic and inane.  But you love him anyway.  You can contact Dusty on Twitter: @dustygiebink

Eric Nelson is a life-long wrestling fan with a master’s degree in journalism from Al’s House of Writing and Oil Changes (although you’d hardly know it from his posts). Nelson’s earliest memories of wrestling come from sitting on his grandmother’s lap at age 4 (his age, not hers) and seeing colorful characters like Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Junkyard Dog and Iron Sheik on WWF’s All-American Wrestling. Nelson began contributing to the seedy underworld of Internet wrestling writing by submitting guest editorials to PWTorch.com. This parlayed into a television show review and a weekly opinion column on that site, before joining Dusty Giebink and Jeremy Maes on the Audio Experience, a weekly podcast for the Torch. He has also interviewed wrestlers including Colt Cabana, Baron Von Raschke, Larry Sweeney and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Nelson is excited to continue making snide comments — and perhaps insightful ones — at StuntGranny.com, and welcomes correspondence but you have to figure out his super secret Twitter and email address. He’s kind of a dick that way.

Jeremy Maes is a Kent State University attendee who currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina. No he didn’t graduate since he hated school and really dislikes just about any authority position. Originally from Dearborn, Michigan, he got his start in the wrestling media and journalism business when he took a position reviewing the much-maligned Sunday Night Heat for PWTorch.com. His slavish dedication to that allowed him branch out and have a glorious run writing mediocre drivel for the PWTorch Lounge section and eventually The Specialists. He, along with Dusty Giebink, founded the Audio Experience and it set the world on fire. Of course, by “world” we mean all “12,000 weekly listeners.” So, in fact, it would be more like a moon. He has interviewed various wrestling personalities including Colt Cabana, Larry Sweeney and Jason Deadrich. You can reach Jeremy on Twitter at @grannymaes

Kevin DiFrango attended Kent State University as well but managed to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. He currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. He has watched wrestling most of his life albeit with a minor detour in high school when it wasn’t cool. He successfully leeched of the success of the Audio Experience by producing a weekly written record of the show with his own snarky comments thrown in when necessary. After that, he produced a bi-weekly rundown on Pro Wrestling Ohio for the Pro Wrestling Torch. He has interviewed multiple wrestling personalities including Colin Delaney, Aaron Maguire and Marion Fontaine. You can reach Kevin over on Twitter at @difrango11.

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