Stunt Granny Audio 945 – AEW, The Footage, Pettiness, Lack of Leadership, Cloudy Futures

Stunt Granny Audio is back with Chris and Jeremy at the helm. They get the unenviable task of discussing the security footage from AEW Dynamite. What was the point of showcasing a former employee who doesn’t make you money? Was it necessary in any way to bother with this level of pettiness? This was the best way to enhance FTR and The Young Bucks? What did the boys think of Will Ospreays’ early 2000s style promo on Triple H? Who in the right mind thought this was good and good business? Is Hook doing what’s best for his business not signing an extension with AEW? Hey, so um, what happened to Drew Gulak? What do you do with The Wolf Dogs now that they have lost the NXT titles? What does NXT do now with the draft and their top champions appearing on RAW? All of this and a whole lot more. So get to listening, please.

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