Stunt Granny Audio 948 – Becky Lynch, The Bloodline and Released Wrestlers

Because Chris didn’t order AEW Dynasty, Kevin kicked off the show with his quick thoughts on the PPV. As is usually the case, your hosts talked more about the . Since Kevin didn’t attend Raw in Columbus, they started by talking about it. With Becky Lynch taking home the Women’s World Championship, your hosts talk about the reasons to crown her. Just when Chris & Kevin thought the tag team division was getting on track, they talk about Ludwig Kaiser‘s assault of Giovanni Vinci. Because of an after show exclusive, your hosts talk about the possible break up of DIY too. Going backward for a change, Chris & Kevin talk about the continued Bloodline saga on Smackdown. They also discuss the imminent debut of Jacob Fatu. With Bayley & Naomi closing the show, Chris & Kevin discuss how the women closed both shows. To wrap up the podcast, your hosts talk about the recently released WWE wrestlers.

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