Stunt Granny Audio 765 – John Cena, Money In The Bank and Forbidden Door

To kick off the show, Chris & Kevin talk about John Cena‘s return. Even with his interaction with Theory, they wonder if Cena is going to stick around for match. Your hosts debate what a good feud would be for Cena. Since Chris is going to Money In The Bank, the bulk of the show is previewing that card. Him & Kevin talk about how wide open the field is for the women’s MITB match. Your hosts also think that the men’s MITB match is relatively wide open for a winner too. Because there are four Championship matches on the card, Chris & Kevin break down their thoughts on those too. Even though neither of them saw AEW and NJPW‘s Forbidden Door, your hosts talk about the results. Both of them lament the number of injuries in AEW with Adam Cole being the latest to go down.

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