Stunt Granny Audio 766 – USC & UCLA, Sleeping With Fishes and Blood & Guts

Since USC and UCLA just became part of the Big Ten, Jeremy & Kevin had something to say about it. They talk about how blatant a money grab the conference switch is. As usual, they do get to wrestling. Your hosts started by talking about Daniel Bryan, Big Show and Chris Jericho popping up on WWE TV for John Cena. Since Jeremy didn’t get to talk Money In The Bank, he drops his thoughts on possible winners for the event. Because Two Dimes is sleeping with the fishes, your hosts start their NXT review there. Jeremy & Kevin wonder the rumors of Sanga and Xyon Quinn being called up to the main roster could be true. To close the show, your hosts talk about the Blood & Guts match on AEW Dynamite this week.

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