Kharma is out for “nine months”

So this explains the bizarre angle from Monday Night Raw. Wrestling Observer is reporting that Kharma is expected out for “over nine months.” Trust me it is in the link, you just need to scroll through a near endless amount of shit to get to any actual news bits.

Now there is no need to speculate but, um, nine months or more? Consider me skeptical on this one. This is a pretty poorly timed injury/yup whatever it is. Kharma was one of the only real acts going for WWE that was interesting. It is also a significant blow to Triple H’s ego as she was one of his pet projects along with Sin Cara who continues to frustrate.

At least the Divas can go back to not mattering again and more time can be given to the likes of Evan Bourne or Zack Ryder. -Jeremy

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