Amy Smart is in John Cena’s new movie “The Reunion”

John Cena has another movie coming out called The Reunion and no it is not porn. It is a family tale for forgiveness and all that garbage. The poster lists the stars as John Cena, Ethan Embry and Amy Smart. Wait, what? Amy Smart? Amy Smart from Crank, Just Friends, Crank 2, Mirrors, Road Trip and countless other films?

This is a little confusing though.  The Reunion doesn’t appear on IMDB anywhere. But if you look up Blood Brothers, you find the exact same movie sans Amy Smart in the cast list. So after a little digging and found that she is indeed in the movie. Now you may ask yourself why it matters if Amy Smart is in this flick and the answer is simple.

Amy Smart is incredibly hot.

She is the only reason to watch this eventual piece of shit, which is set to be released October 21. As opposed to me, who is set to release every time I see Amy Smart. So if you haven’t figured it out yet, the entire idea for this post is to get a picture of Amy Smart on our site.

And here it is. Good Day. -Jeremy

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