Matt Hardy is going to rehab (and just in time! Arrest update!)

Saw this video posted last night. Unlike every time before with one of Matt Hardy’s videos I decided to sleep on it and watch it again. Apparently Matt is going to rehab on WWE’s dime. He is entering voluntarily thanks to the assistance of Vince McMahon – you know, the devil.

Regardless of previous posts correctly calling Matt out on his bullshit, this one is actually conflicting. It’s easy to make fun of the guy for falling apart on camera talking about finding himself and his happier days. It’s easy to point out his fashion sense is that of a thirteen-year-old MMA wanna-be.

What isn’t easy, though, is believing a word he is saying. You want to believe, at least I do, that he is going to get better and that he realizes he has to get better. But who posts a video blog telling people you are voluntarily going to rehab? What kind of glory hound has to put his personal business out there instead of just going and doing what he needs to do to get healthy?

Can you see the reason for being skeptical? It just seems like yet another line of bullshit to get hits on his YouTube channel and sell some “The Hardy Show” DVDs. Can anyone honestly say that this isn’t a possibility? Is anyone else waiting for a “very special episode” of “The Hardy Show” or even a “Celebrity Rehab” version of the show?

Now, after viewing the video, I think this may be another step after hitting rock bottom. Maybe Matt feels the need to document it as a reminder of how far he has fallen. We all remember the “Mattitude” gimmick back in WWE when it seemed like he was poised for great things. It never happened for one reason or another and he has been a joke ever since. If he goes to rehab and does successfully overcome his addictions, then great, welcome back to real life. The problem will be in dealing with his addiction. You don’t go in and suddenly come out of it no longer an addict. It is a daily struggle.

It isn’t an episode of your show. It isn’t a video blog. It is life and death. Look at the history of the industry and argue against it. This is sappy crap but whatever: I am rooting for this to be legit. I will take no shame in saying I was wrong and I’ll be at the front of the line to apologize for doubting his intentions.

So good luck, Matt Hardy, you are going to need it. -Jeremy

UPDATE: He better run his fat ass to rehab as fast as his bow legs can carry him, then, because according to, Matt Hardy was arrested yet christ-punching again, this time on charges of possession with intent to sell/deliver a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia. Police searched Hardy’s home in Cameron, N.C., and found steroids, Ecstasy, a Red Baron pizza cooking in the oven, and Kurt Angle’s telephone number. So long, sucker! -Eric

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