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As noted recently, we’re trying new stuff here on Stunt Granny and we’ll see what sticks and what doesn’t. I have done round by round reviews on Twitter in the past but I’m at home chilling tonight so I’m bringing it to the main part of the site.

Matt Brown vs Mike Zwick

First Round – Brown had Zwick in a number of compromising positions but never quite got him into a major danger zone.

Second Round – Brown caught Zwick with an elbow that put him on the defensive. Brown drops him with a great combo. The left hook did most of the damage. Brown dodged a right just before the KO. WinnerMatt Brown (representing Cbus well, I might add.)

The UFC is certainly giving me plenty of time to catch up with a preview for Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos II and for the next fight.

Rory McDonald vs BJ Penn

First Round – The size difference is heavily in McDonald’s advantage. BJ is pressing but McDonald is doing a good job of using his length to defend. BJ has some great hands. He’s finding ways to close the distance. A McDonald elbow busts open Penn. McDonald is the aggressor at the end of the round.

Second Round – Nice, McDonald trains with Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’ve seen some of his work outs and imitated some of the exercises. McDonald is dictating terms. Penn is turtling up. McDonald isn’t going for the kill but is getting in a ton of shots.Joe Rogan is calling it target practice. You couldn’t say it better. Penn gets out of the round but he needs a KO or submission to win this thing.

Third Round – Penn tries to take McDonald down but to no avail. McDonald starts teeing off again.  He’s gotten lazy though since he knows he has the first two rounds in the bag. Winner – (Without hearing the cards) Rory McDonald. No surprise that it’s a unanimous decision. He goes pro wrestling and challenges Carlos Condit to a fight in March.

Maurico “Shogun” Rua vs Alexander Gustafsson

First Round – Rogan reminds us that just because the reach is the same, it doesn’t mean their legs are the same length. Shogun turning a trip into a positive. Rogan & Mike Goldberg thought he got  clipped. I disagree. Easy take down for Gustafsson but he does nothing with it. Shogun does holds down Gustafsson longer but  there isn’t much damage either. Fairly even round.

Second Round – Shogun is slipping in  some good pops with the hands early. He used his legs a lot in the first. Gustafsson had the mount but  gave it up to stand up. Gustafsson with a nice take down. Shogun rolls out quickly. Gustafsson taking over in the striking department. Gustafsson easy in that round.

Third Round – Already glad I taped an extra half an hour. Gustafsson with a take down. Shogun is looking a bit gassed. He gets hurt with a liver kick. Rogan talking about Shogun not being in good enough shape. I agree because he still has a baby gut. Gustafsson should win this round too. WinnerAlexander Gustafsson Unanimous decision

Nate Diaz vs Benson Henderson (Lightweight Champion)

First Down – I get lucky. My DVR didn’t pick up the extra 30 minute request. It tapes the whole news program sice I’m still 10 minutes behind. They grapple early with Henderson in control with double under hooks. Nice take down by Henderson. He waits to get inside of Diaz’s long legs. Mike Goldberg stealing lines from the studio. Henderson is controlling the distance game. Henderson gets the first.

Second Round – Henderson with an early leg kick. He follows up with a take down. Henderson is bringing it. Henderson keeps busting up the lead leg of Diaz. Henderson is charlie horsing Diaz’s quad. Henderson knocks him to the ground. Henderson with the double under hooks again. Henderson is again working over the lead leg. Diaz finally switches stance at the end of the round.

Third Round – Henderson is working the lead leg again. I should have that one auto type. Take down by Henderson. He finally moves to side control. Henderson fought out of a leg lock. Henderson drops Diaz with a huge left. I’m wondering if the coverage got cut because Diaz was flipping off Henderson.

Fourth Round – Henderson with another take down and a second one as soon as Diaz stands up. Henderson is smothering Diaz. Nothing special going on. Henderson is only losing if he gets knocked out or submitted in the fifth.

Fifth Round – Henderson in control again. I’m bored of typing the same thing. Easy decision. WinnerBenson Henderson Unanimous decision. -Kevin

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