Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: Red Dawn (2012)


Oh god damn this was worse than I expected. Look; the original Red Dawn is just ok. It is looked back on with nostalgic eye with love but it isn’t all that good. The 2013 version of Red Dawn directed by Dan Bradley, tries to be different while having a foot firmly planted in the original. What the makers of this version of Red Dawn clearly didn’t understand about the original was that while it had action it was a film about family. The Wolverines were a group forced to come together as a family and protect to only each other but to defend their land. What you get with the remake is your typical current day PG-13 action movie full of loud explosions, bloodless violence and zero character development. Scenes roll from one to the next with no logic and absolutely no purpose. Yeah The Wolverines attack and defy those pesky North Koreans (Yes North Korea replaces Russia as the threat) and the war progresses. There are convenient excuses built in to keep explain North Korea as a legitimate invader but come on. Nothing matters in this film because nothing makes sense. Anything logical is explained away in simplest of terms or not at all. There is puppy dog love worked in to a war movie that rings hollow and none of the characters change one bit. Sure the two brother final get along at the end but then the movie ends of out the blue Nothing is resolved. Nothing matters at all. It is a total waste of time. -Jeremy

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  1. RustyBrooks #1 Fan 2013-12-22 at 4:53 pm #

    Love it. Agree, it was unwatchable. John Milius (RIP) wrote/directed the original in 1980, and the Cold War was more than a decade away from being over; Milius was a Jew in Hollywood who was an NRA member, voted Republican, and talked $hit to studio head Dino DiLaurentis. Is my man-crush showing?. The premise then was some real $hit, even though the USSR and their promises to crush the US after selling us the rope with which to hang ourselves actually HAD nukes to back their $hit-talk up. China actually buys movie-tickets for U.S. movies, unlike N. Korea, so was replaced as the bad-guy for the remake. The one thing about this remake I will say, is Hollywood is keeping up the trend of foreigners playing iconic leads traditionally of U.S. origins; Batman, Superman, Wolverine, and now Jed Eckhart.

    One last thought: who said Josh Hutcherson got to be in show business, let alone in front of the camera?

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