Midnight Ramblings: #ImpactWrestling

From lifeandculturemagazine.com

From lifeandculturemagazine.com

I am wide awake. My Lady has had a bad day and went to bed early. My neighbors got tired too. I have a bad habit of not sleeping much. So I’m doing something with this extra awake time. A drunken review of Impact Wrestling. I’ve had another Rogue Dead Guy, finished off my Mercury’s Wage growler from Seventh Son and am now on Church Brew Works Pious Monk Dunkel. It’s quite tasty. Old school German style. I was about forty minutes into Impact so I’m going from there.

– I do like the storyline of Sam Shaw trying to get Mr. Anderson‘s confidence. It makes sense and is completely believable. I would imagine he’ll end up being a babyface but Shaw could go heel later down the line. It’s the fastest way to change Shaw’s character.

Austin Aries tries to talk to Kurt Angle when Bobby Lashley & MVP comes out. Oh, I forgot how stupid Bobby Roode vs MVP was. MVP shouldn’t have been somewhat injured during a revenge match. Roode shouldn’t feel vindicated. He should want to beat a healthy opponent. MVP tried to talk Aries out of cashing in the X Division Championship. Aries didn’t take the bait. It could be a solid match. Lashley isn’t very good.

– I’m lost on the Knockouts Division much like the Divas. They’re getting TV time but I’m just confused by the whole thing. Gail Kim has had an on going problem with The Beautiful People but it’s been a sporadic. Madison Rayne got tossed in sometimes. Brittney got tossed in some. It now looks like Kim will be flanked by a returning Taryn Terrell. They had a decent match going when Velvet Sky & Angelina Love interfered. Terrell is just coming back so I’m not sure why she had a title match. It didn’t help that it was a double baby face match either.

The Great Muta made short work of Robbie E. James Storm comes out to confront Muta. James Storm keeps making good points that should make you want to cheer him. Sanada attacking Muta gave him a character finally. Storm may have finally turned it. He’s been pretty good recently. I think that him and Sanada could make a good pairing because they’re so different. I’ve enjoyed their skits already.

Bully Ray, Devon & Tommy Dreamer are taking on EC3, Rhyno & Spud. The match was non-descript until Ezekiel Jackson interfered. Gene Snitsky then joined the group. What a mess. Even groups that are governed by wealth have some kind of common bond, like sell out ECW guys even. That would have made more sense than Snitsky & Jackson. Whatever, the angle would stink none the less. – Kevin

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