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Upslope Pale Brown Craft

I wanted to do Ohio beers one post a week and other states beers in another post. I still have a back log of beers from my trip to Colorado even though I did celebrate with American Craft Beer Week with Bristol Brewing. (Link is MIA.) That means I’ve got two Colorado posts this week. Back to the other schedule next week. This one happens to be about Upslope Brewing out of Boulder, CO. I grabbed a mixed twelve pack for at “Home” aka The Lady’s sister’s place.

Upslope Brewing Co. –  Pale Ale – As usual reading through the website gives me information I didn’t previously have. In this case, it’s the knowledge that this beer is their flagship. Pale ales are in my pocket for hops and this beer is no different at 36 IBU. Without having a lot of malt, that level of hops pops more. It is only 5.8% ABV so it’s not too heavy in the alcohol department either. I understand why this beer is their flagship as it was the best amongst these five.

Upslope Brewing Co.Brown Ale – I think this style gets under brewed. I’ve liked that style since first trying Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown. They have enough malt so that it is the main flavor but they sneak in plenty of hops so it doesn’t get overly sweet. 45 IBU is higher than the Pale Ale but I still didn’t taste the hops as much. With malt reigning supreme, I enjoyed this just grain less than the Pale Ale.

Upslope Brewing Co.Craft Lager – I haven’t had to say this in a while because I haven’t had a pilsner or a lager in quite some time. Both styles of beer are pretty plain. Pilsners are a step below lagers so I’m glad Upslope went with the later. This beer is easy to drink while not having an assertive flavor from malt or hops. The later is confirmed by the 15 IBU. It’s a good beer, just not great.

Upslope IPAUpslope Brewing Co.India Pale Ale – They say that this IPA is more well balanced than most. I have a tendency to say that when the hops are definitely there but muted. This beer to me did a little too much hiding of the hops. As much as I like malt, I didn’t feel it coming through to work with the hops. It comes in at 65 IBU so it’s nearly double the bitter that their Pale Ale but again, it wasn’t as bitter as expected. The hops do come through in the ABV, 7.2%. Not the highest but not the lowest either.

Upslope Belgian Pale Ale

Upslope Brewing Co.Belgian Style Pale Ale – This beer was the only one in the package that was of limited release. The other four beers are main stays. Upslope uses Trappist aka Belgian yeast so that flavor is all up in your taste buds. It is certainly lighter in the base beer flavor than the regular Pale Ale was. This one had more of a white hue to it. They added some coriander to it which does evoke more of a hefeweizen or blonde ale. The IBU being at 30 denotes the “Pale” part of this beer and takes it out of the realm of my suggestion. At 7.5% ABV, this beer is the strongest out of the lot. This one falls into third place out of these five but it was still very good.

Upslope only distributes in Colorado if their Find Our Beer tab. It’s never a bad plan to go to Colorado to drink a #SippyTimeBeer or twelve. – Kevin

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