Stunt Granny Audio: OHPA 11

German Fans Kissing

Ken and Kevin are back for OHPA 11. They start off by talking about how MIT has started research on transcranial direct current stimulation which in the early stages has been compared to overclocking the brain. How small of a fig leaf do they use to tell people not to do this at home before then proceeding to tell you how to make a home made version of it? How much does it cost to make one of these devices? How much research has been done on this? Did Kevin actually sit in a home made electric chair? Does he think this machine will work because of this experience? In the same mold, British Airways did an experiment with a Happiness Blanket. What are the shocking results of this study? Are the results really shocking? Which color is happy and which one is angry? Why does this topic prompt Kevin to talk about watching the Americans? Why did he never think to look up the history of the internet? Ken & Kevin move on to talking about the Youtube show “Next Time On Lonny“. The first episode is posted above. What type of show is this? Why did it attract Ken’s attention? How outrageous is the action? The guys wrap up the show by talking about the World Cup again. How many ways can you say how badly Brazil played? How funny were some of the Tweets from the game? What would be the equivalent in the NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA? If the teams play more conservatively during the Knockout Stage, how did this score happen? Is the conservative play the reason Argentina vs Holland wasn’t talked about? Grab your own happiness blanket and headphones and listen to the answers to these questions and more when you click on the link below!

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