Stunt Granny Conversation: The Authority, The Wyatts and Rusev

Jeremy:  That’s Joey Mercury man, the other guy in MnM
Kevin:  Ahhh, thanks. Will add that if I get to corrections.
Jeremy:  I was just telling you. i always get a kick out of ” and the other guys” lines
Kevin:  The announcers didn’t even acknowledge Jamie Noble. It’s so weird.
Jeremy:  I think at one point his name was mentioned but not Joey Mercury. It was in passing though. Not that it stood out. I do like the idea of having bumbling stooges though.
Kevin:  I’m good with bumbling stooges but even they need names. What TV show features people then don’t give them names?
Jeremy:  They barely acknowledge any of the side characters so it is no surprise. I did get a kick out of the ” is that mustard?’ line. In the heat of that situation it was fitting.
Kevin:  Ugh. It’s so stupid though. The guy didn’t have dinner at catering? He got hungry just after he was given a job? He ate dinner later than I did. What was he doing until 9 PM?
Jeremy:  Hey, stadium hot dogs are normally pretty damn good. Smell even better. nothing like stale greasy water and the elements to make for a tasty dog. I am on nobles side. Plus they are walking all over the arena and a man works up a hunger.
Kevin That’s the other problem I had with the segment. Noble would have worked up an appetite considering that him & Mercury covered an entire arena in about 10 minutes. I guess they were taping at a TNA venue.
Jeremy:  I thought it was implied they went to the stand, had a dog and called it quits. May just be me thinking that though. How I would have handled it anyway.
Kevin That makes it a lot funnier then. I mean, it’s going to rank up there with This Is Your Life, Rock.
Jeremy:  Well they aren’t always grand slams. It was way better than the Nickelodeon Seth Rollins sliming garbage. If it wasn’t so blatantly obvious it would have been fine.
Kevin If you know Ambrose that well, you should know it’d be rigged. Rollins was pissed at Noble & Mercury so have them open it. The electric shaver bit was the funniest of the lot.
Jeremy:  yeah unless you have seen Fight Club and you know the joke there. Hint: its a dildo.
Kevin:  I didn’t remember that about Fight Club but knew they were implying the dildo. That just annoyed me because you’re doing comedy with your heel faction. Was that the personal item(s) that were in the brief case Rollins was worried about? Someone needs to tell Seth that he can buy one at Target for $30.
Jeremy:  It was the airport scene. the narrator has his luggage confiscated. The security guy goes on a nice explanation how 9 times out of a ten it is a dildo. Pretty funny part. The more important thing would be why does he have personal items in the case anyway? Also, why not just blame it on Ambrose for screwing with you?
Kevin I have no idea why you’d put personal property in there especially an electric razor. It’d be the last place I checked when I was in the bathroom. Villains love to blame the bumbling stooge instead of their adversary so that’s standard.
Jeremy:  He has a scruffy beard. Why does he have a razor? Answer: Dildo.
Kevin Maybe he manscapes.
Jeremy:  In this day I would hope so. Take away the bad comedy and a very good job is being  done making Seth Rollins an upper tier unlikeable heel.
Kevin Felt like this feud was being down played before Ambrose went away to make the movie, but they really had to step up this story once Roman Reigns went down. And as you point out, they have done a good job of making him unlikeable even to other heels outside of Steph & HHH.
Jeremy:  Yes and if leads to less Triple H and Stephanie in segments that is a good thing. It is not an indictment of them currently. It is that the less the big evil is seen the better.
Kevin I mentioned something similar last night. They’ve been playing their roles fine, I just still don’t like the evil Authority idea. They have backed off their TV time in recent weeks. I did find it funny that a segment they needed to stay out of, Kane & Randy Orton commiserating, Steph popped in the emasculate them even more.
Jeremy:  No disagreement there. The ego involved in writing is very strange. The evil authority is a sad crutch now. Covers up bad writing or the changes made on fly.
Kevin Strange is a good word. It can also be used for the Wyatts too. Are we supposed to be worried that Luke Harper is going to be on his own after the whole family couldn’t get any traction cheating?
Jeremy:  I am very worried about him. Now is not the time to do this. An argument can be made but it is totally incorrect. Unless the vignette was created to give each member a bit more personality it is a mistake.
Kevin I do hope they keep them together in some manner. It’d be weird to have Luke Harper as a lone wolf. He can come back to them or not have them at ring side. Bray Wyatt needs his own help too.
Jeremy:  I think the family is staying together but they are all pursuing their own goals? Of course this is all based off of one video. I think Harper will be fine but right now is not the time. It also makes me concerned for Eric Rowan and that is not sarcasm. He has come a long way but he is nowhere near ready.
Kevin:  Rowan has improved. I’m not sure I’d go with long way. Rowan hasn’t been given much to work with. I wonder how his mic work is. I don’t want to jump all over this one though as you again pointed out, it’s one vignette.
Jeremy:  I suppose it is good though as there is an actual connection or attachment to these characters. I don’t have that with too many.
Kevin Even with the bad month and counting, I’m still in for most of the new guys. Adam Rose is not one of them. Neither is The Bunny. I wish I could blame this angle on trending on Twitter but they were already building up this feud.
Jeremy:  Adam Rose shouldn’t be a face. This is his issue. The bunny is even more annoying but it being forced down on the audience as cute is annoying.
Kevin I hadn’t thought of him that way before. Rose is a guy they’d normally paint as an out of touch heel got cast as a baby face.
Jeremy:  There is nothing likeable about him. I suppose his gimmick may be close to Bo Dallas with the “be a rosebud.” His music is catchy as hell too.
Kevin It is ridiculously catchy. Even though I find Rose stupid, I’m tapping away every time I hear that music.
Jeremy:  Right so it is a little confusing. hearing him talk is hate-able.
Kevin Yes it is. He’s like a bad Austin Powers. I know you tapped out on Total Divas and I have 2 episodes sitting on the DVR. But from the segments they’ve shown the last 2 weeks, Natalya is getting more hate-able by the week. Yet like Rose, she’s being pushed like a baby face.
Jeremy:  Yes but anything that gets the new Tyson Kidd character on TV is fine by me.
the fact Natalya isn’t wrestling but is a outside while Rosa does it is the real issue.
Kevin I could use a whole lot less of Rosa in the ring. She works better as a valet but that’s not going to happen. I’m surprised the WWE hasn’t thrown Lana in the ring yet.
Jeremy:  Oh no. Their gimmick works so well right now it shouldn’t come to that. Even this new feud with Big Show won’t ruin it. I am firmly in the Rusev camp.
Kevin I can’t be until the silly gimmick is dropped. The guy could have a 5 star match every time he hits the ring and I still wouldn’t like him. Rusev did acquit himself well against Swagger and the match on Smackdown with Big Show. And shouldn’t the Big Show be suspended for that? Pulling down the flag, that is. (Editor’s Note: This article was typed before the WWE apologized for the incident.)
Jeremy:  You mean the Russian warrior stuff? It screams 80’s but it will be easy to over come.  I love the ranting he does off mic when he is pissed. Then he delivers in the ring. Big Show is the actual heel in this. His jackass friend gets beat twice so he is going to knock him out for America? Um, huh? Then desecrates someone else’s flag in response.
Kevin:  Easy to overcome? Why is the crowd barely booing this guy half a year into his wining streak then?
Jeremy:  it always gets difficult to boo a guy when all he does is win. The heat is on Lana since she is the mouthpiece. He rarely cheats.
Kevin Well then the crowd isn’t doing a good job cheering him then for being such an awesome winner. Lana isn’t getting much heat after the initial round of boos. Everyone tunes her out after whatever dumb thing she says in her “Russian” accent.
Jeremy:  The crowd reactions have been mixed. they have been hot for Swagger and Henry. Consecutive losses though may be turning over to inevitability that he is going to win.
Kevin He has a part of “He doesn’t deserve this” on him too. We talked about the Wyatts earlier, they got a better reaction but they lost every important match and are now being repackaged. Rusev is getting less of a reaction but is still winning and they’re chugging along with a terrible dated gimmick.
Jeremy:  I don’t disagree with that at all. Rusev needed polish and is getting it with his work with teh older large guys. But really who is he beating? Really no one substantial. Name value has diminished for all of them before Rusev.
Kevin That’s a fair point. Even Mark Henry had been run down some prior to jobbing to Rusev. Big Show isn’t in a much better spot since he too was off TV for quite a while after being beat down by Brock Lesnar.
Jeremy:  Yeah which is why the notion of this all leading to John Cena beating him is hard to swallow. His first real test, I suppose, and he will lose? This would do damage.
Kevin You’ve at least made me understand why a loss to Cena would be bad. He doesn’t have people holding up their smart phones when he enters the arena to make me feel bad about the loss though.
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