Stunt Granny Audio 278

vinceMost weeks recently, Chris & Kevin have been stuck talking about WWE Raw because there have been very few news stories to bring into the conversation. This week they had two big topics, CM Punk dropping pipe bombs on Colt Cabana’s podcast “The Art of Wrestling.” What was the biggest bomb that Punk dropped? Was it about how much HHH hated him? Or the lack of communication between everyone involved? How about having to push through injuries? How much of this tale is made up? The more current and interesting topic that is related to this one is Vince McMahon doing “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast on the WWE Network after Raw. Does he really think he’ll see Punk again in the WWE? Is him leaving  the only reason Daniel Bryan finally got his deserved spot? Is that why people still don’t believe Vince that he listens to the fans? How uncomfortable was Vince when Austin kept asking why Cesaro had fallen so far? Why does Vince have a phobia for mouth pieces when he employs both Paul Heyman & Zeb Colter? How is Cesaro supposed to get off to a good start when his first feud is with Jack Swagger? Isn’t it Vince’s job to make someone like Cesaro work into something larger? Can Heyman ever be the one to bridge the gap between Punk and the WWE? Was Vine’s most shocking comment that he thought Raw was good? Was it better than last week? How can it be good when the sole survivor Dolph Ziggler still hasn’t had a promo? Why is he stuck in a feud Luke Harper while John Cena takes on Seth Rollins? Will Harper and Ziggler still have a good match at TLC? Vince is looking for brass ring grabbers but how can there be when the US or Intercontinental Titles are the ceiling? How much of a step backwards is Rusev taking by getting into another feud with Jack Swagger? Can Erick Rowan work if Cesaro didn’t? You hosts could have kept noting how Vince’s account was different than the reality of Raw but Chris & Kevin package all of this good bad news into one hour long podcast below!

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