Stunt Granny Conversation: WWE Network Only?

Jeremy: Was just typing how shocking the end of Extreme Rules was?
Kevin: Ha. I might get around to a post about that today or I’ll post it as an intro to the Raw review. So, why was it “shocking”?

Jeremy: I mean Kane man, I didn’t see that coming. I thought for sure he was going to turn and cost Rollins the title 3 weeks after he won it in arguably the most memorable title change in 15 years.
Kevin: Which is a bit of a shame. The gist of my column that I formulated in my head is that I could watch just PPVs and be content. I can’t believe you forgot about last year’s WM win by Bryan already though.
Jeremy: Why I said arguably. Daniel Bryan seemed destined but even then there was that chance that it didn’t happen. ya know, you can get by on just PPVs now. Can you name a RAW or Smackdown match that is memorable in any way?
Kevin: I’ve got no idea. There are solid matches on Raw/SD all the time but memorable is a different category.
Jeremy: the way they fill in blanks on PPV with the countless video packages there really is no reason

Kevin: Now I feel like this could simply be a “Convo” instead of a column. You really do get all of the highlights on the PPV which you’ve seen so many times by the PPV, you get beer while they’re on.

Jeremy: Right, they started the Cena/Rusev package at WM and then went week by week before their build. They could have even gone back to Fastlane as well. So I miss two months of programming and boom, caught up. Save yourself three hours of misery each week.

Kevin: It certainly would save some time. I’ve got no idea why I watch Smackdown. It’s worse than ever in the  “If it works, we’ll redo it on Raw” for skits or matches.

Jeremy: Exactly, it takes 20 min to watch Smackdown. RAW has reverted right back to the pre-Wrestlemania form. After such a great event , in ring product for sure, the story has gone right back to the same old thing. The same stale characters in the same stale situations. SO why bother watching the show when I can get at the least matches instead of advertisements for cartoons during matches

Kevin: It would give me three hours to type about beer if I did that while I watched Raw. Come to think of it, I had debating changing the style of the column. Maybe now is the time.

Jeremy: Hell you could probably start another batch brew. Right? I say that without any knowledge of the process. In the time it took for the opening segment of Raw every week you can walk the dogs, vacuum the house or some other chore. At least those chores would deliver something. The same can not be said for the opening segment on Raw. I could watch this 20 second video of a monkeydropkicking a guy in an Indian airport 60 times in the amount of time it takes Raw to tell me Seth Rollins and Kane have an issue.

Kevin: Watching a monkey drop kicking someone would be so much better than the simmering Kane/Rollins feud which started the exact same way the Randy Orton/Rollins feud started.

Jeremy: Yes but the only difference is Kane isn’t nearly as popular as those two. Kane has been cold for so long this renewed pushed doesn’t jive and the crowd knows it. So what better way to avoid all of this tan to only watch PPV’s? Oh and that monkey knocks the guy senseless then goes right back its perch.

Kevin: I was actually going to argue to only watch stuff on the WWE Network because I do enjoy NXT. You need to link me to that video! Ha.

Jeremy: Yes I think that is fair as well. Maybe that is WWE’s endgame. Watch our 30 minute clip shows and get all you need? Drive revenue by selling ads. (See Youtube clip above.) Youtube spiral averted. Started watching Monkey Gangs of India.

Kevin: That skit is more well written than anything that wasn’t performed by Jon Stewart on Raw so far this year.

Jeremy: this is one of the issues that WWE is doing wrong with Raw. They have a video package to start the show to catch you up on main storyline then they go right in to a 20 in talking segment. Then at the top of watch hour is another. I would like them to take the approach that so many good shows take. No recap. No introductions just right in to story. In this case matches. You don’t know what is going on, too bad. It;s called or WWE Network for that sort of thing.

Kevin: I think every show does the recap now, even Justified & The Americans do them at the top of the show, but it isn’t necessary for them to do it at the top of every hour. You’re 3 hours long. Keep going and don’t use the same people once per hour.
Jeremy: Right there ya go. Or even If you bring up John Cena and Rusev in a video package to start the show, well, when John is out at 9pm then he isn’t allowed to cut to video footage. Why reward people for not watching?
Kevin: I’ve never gotten that about the video packages. I have yet to be convinced that people get hooked on a show because of the replay they do at the top of the show. People either watch or they don’t. I barely have the energy to mention that the WWE roster is still huge even without counting NXT.
Jeremy: Especially in a dumbed down wrestling show that features the same crew over and over despite that roster size. You brought up the Americans and they do feature a “previously on” but they show scenes from season one that was on three episodes. WWE gives you the exact segment with camera editing from a week ago.
That is a big difference because there are a lot of those moments I forget on The Americans. The WWE makes sure that you don’t forget everything or you get so tired of the replays, you choose to ignore what has happened. Yes, you have no choice but to remember dammit. WWE also dropped the ball with the preshow. This is a perfect time to get people to catch up. Then start Raw right away and no need to rehash. Sell the network at the same time.
Kevin: They could do all of the video packages on the pre-show which I still wouldn’t watch. I do like the idea of the WWE Network outsourcing some of their new shows like Foley coming on. They need content that doesn’t have a strangle hold from Vince on the Network.
Jeremy: I was surprised to see them put the Foley special on so fast but then April is ending this week and so go free subscribers. good hook to get people to stick around after. Putting the show on in May though could have forced an extra $9.99 a month for some people.
Kevin: Well, if you want to get it for free, just wait until July or August when they make it free again. January & April have been free this year so I’m guessing it’ll be free every third month.
Jeremy: Yeah for sure. Just thought you hook them with a brand new special and then make em pay for it instead of waiting a day for bittorrent.
Kevin: They reached their goal of a million subscribers so I don’t understand the free thing any more. Even if people are dumb enough to still buy PPVs, you’re still making money so who cares.
Jeremy: Because they really didn’t. One of the sites, had it up that the numbers were completely suspect in that regard. Also contained all of the free month. So when they pulled new subscriber base after it ended was most likely lower. It needs to be started over and over that WWE is still making a ridiculous amount off of the stupidity of people paying for the actual PPV.
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