Sippy Time Beer Review – 21st Amendment, Dogfish Head, Revolution Brewing and Stone Brewing,



21st Amendment BreweryBrew Free! or Die IPA – The more that I brew my own beer and drink more and more beers, it becomes unsurprising when I see ingredients in a beer that I like. 21st Amendment using Columbus hops as their bittering agent and Cascade & Centennial for finishing hops. The IBU comes in at 70 which isn’t terribly high for an IPA but the bitterness is a bit more prominent than the citrus and floral of the later two hops. They use three types of malt but it’s hard to distinguish them. It does provide a nice golden color. The alcohol content matches the IBU at 7.0% ABV. I may not have to die to brew free, but I do recommend this beer.

Dogfish Head 90 Min IPADogfish Head Craft Brewery90 Minute IPA – This beer is interesting in that it is continuously hopped for 90 minutes. The story for how this was done is documented well in the link above. It’s also interesting to me that they boil the beer for 90 minutes instead of the normal 60 minutes. The continuous hopping gives it a different flavor than adding hops at the beginning, middle or end of the boil. The hops aren’t as distinct for which type they are and Dogfish Head doesn’t divulge which ones are in the brew. To stick with the theme, the stats are 90 IBU and 9.0% ABV. This one will kick you in the teeth, which is a good thing.

Revolution Anti-Hero IPARevolution Brewing Co.Anti-Hero IPA – Much like Dogfish Head, Revolution doesn’t give away their blend of hops but they do at least give you the heads up that they used four types. This one does match 21st Amendment with it’s IBU level at 70. The bitterness is there but of the three IPAs so far, it is the most floral to me. It may be the most floral but it’s also the least alcoholic at 6.5% ABV. It’s closer in color to 90 Minute because it has a copper hue. Revolution is celebrating it’s 5th Anniversary. Sounds like a good plan to head to Chicago to try out their beers at the brewery.

Stone 18th IPAStone Brewing Co.18th Anniversary IPA – Stone bills this beer as “The Hoppiest Golden-Brown IPA.” I’ve had white IPAs and black IPAs. The three beers listed above were either golden or copper. The extra brown gives this IPA a maltiness that the others don’t have. It may be the hoppiest of this color of beer but the IBU isn’t terribly high at 75 IBU which might be why the malt component is more forward too. Because of that little extra sweetness, this was my favorite beer of the four. This beer can put a hurting on you at 8.5% ABV. The 19th Anniversary will be coming out sometime later this year, I look forward to trying it. – Kevin

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