Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 6 July 2015

The James Charnley House in Chicago which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and his mentor Louis Sullivan. From

The James Charnley House in Chicago which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and his mentor Louis Sullivan. From

I’ve got to laugh that Shahid talked to me about enjoying the opening segment from last week because of how over the top it was. I thought Seth Rollins did a better job with the bragging and being over the top on Smackdown. As I replied to him and as was witnessed in the opening montage, that segment was a lot better when it wasn’t fifteen minutes long.

We start with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Heyman as always does a fantastic job hyping the match with Seth Rollins. You can tell he’s crafting the message more as a baby face advocate which is right. I’m not sure why I didn’t notice before that the exit to Suplex City was F5. The WWE even went for the Kane “in Hawaii” pictures and J&J’s travel map. It’s really going over the top.

The Big Show is waiting in the ring for Ryback. Their other opponent at the PPV, The Miz, is at ring side in a director’s chair with a microphone. The Miz has done a better job of being hateable than any time recently. I wasn’t all that sold on his anger at Damien Mizdow. The Big Show is in control at the break. Ryback mounts a come back. He falters again at the Shell Shock. Show takes advantage and hits a second rope elbow. The Miz attacks for the DQ finish. The Miz gets in some offense but then takes finishers from both. Ryback takes out Big Show with a Meat Hook clothes line.

According to J&J Security, Wrigley Field is a dump. I know quite a few people who hold that opinion so it’s not too surprising. Brie Bella is staking on Paige. Nikki Bella & Alicia Fox are at ring side. It’s good to know that Nikki is shooting for 300 days. Naomi & Tamina are in the back watching. I guess you call this a slow build to them joining Paige? Brie takes advantage of a double distraction. She gets the win over Paige. Paige ends up getting beat down after the match.

Roman Reigns is taking on Sheamus. I’m not sure why they’re just giving this match away. I know Wyatt will end up interfering or distracting Reigns. This could work as a nice feud on it’s own. Sheamus knee lifts Reigns coming back into the ring. Reigns gets knocked outside for the break. Sheamus has started fixing his hair. Not the added heelish I thought he was missing.  Reigns boots Sheamus in the face to set up the apron drop kick. Sheamus blocks a Superman Punch. Sheamus comes from the top rope and Reigns catches him with the Superman Punch. “Bray Wyatt” shows up but the lights stay down. Wyatt comes on the Titantron. Sheamus wins by DQ. Fun match up to that point. Randy Orton shows back up and attacks. RKO already. JBL calling this attack by Orton a cheap shot should really be countered that he condones it in every other situation but of course it isn’t. HHH is on the phone. Seth Rollins shows up with J&J. HHH suggest to Rollins to intentionally provoke the Beast. Rollins is ready to show Lesnar what fear is.

Rusev & Summer Rae are in the ring. He wants to apologize for Summer’s apology. They muddle their way through a promo. Dolph Ziggler & Lana come out. The only reason Rusev got anywhere was because of Lana. Summer Rae & Lana take off their heels. Rusev stops them. He attacks Ziggler with the crutch. He kicks Ziggler with the boot. Rusev then takes it off. He finishes off the attack with Ziggler taking the crutch to his throat. Ziggler was a dick for baiting Rusev but that was a fantastic way to build sympathy for Ziggler. Rusev attacks with another crutch as EMS tries to help.

Bo Dallas comes to the ring and grabs a mic. He says nothing of importance. Dean Ambrose is his opponent. Ambrose jumps out to the early offense. Let’s Go Ambrose! We Bo-Lieve! Dallas does a victory lap. He misses the ensuing knee drop. Dirty Deeds in short order. No surprise here.

R Truth is taking on King Barrett. Didn’t Barrett already beat him? Or has Truth always won? Both entertaining yet easily forgettable at this moment. For reasons only known by WWE officials, this match gets a break. R Truth comes off the top rope, Bull Hammer for the win. It’s almost like the WWE want Barrett to be important.

Seth Rollins and J&J enter the ring with kendo sticks in hand. Oh, they’re axe handles without axes. He ends up calling Lesnar Heyman’s bitch. Brock shows up and saunters down to the ring. He smiles and walks away. Brock waves for something. Brock pulls out an axe from a fire kit. He pulls out a second one. Lesnar peers back at the Cadillac. Lesnar starts going to town on it. That looks like a lot of fun. Noble & Mercury attacks but get tossed around. Noble gets the Kimura Lock  arm break. Mercury gets tossed onto the car twice. Rollins waits for Lesnar to come then runs.

The Lucha Dragons are in a match with New Day. The Prime Time Players are on the head set. Xavier Woods is not trusted. The Dragons double splash all three of New Day to go to break. Big E is taking it to Kalisto. Titus O’Neil had better become an announcer after he’s done wrestling. He sold all of the wrestlers and how smart they are. The Super Big Ending for the win. First good build for this re-match.

John Cena sucks! They show the highlights of Finn Balor beating Kevin Owens. He mostly cuts to the chase and gets the challenge started. Kevin Owens comes out. Did Owens get bleeped or does my cable service just stink tonight? Owens is ready to go. Cesaro comes out. He delivers a good promo on why he should be the challenger tonight. Owens accepts the explanation and leaves the ring. I havcen’t been typing much because it was yet again a good match coming into the home stretch of the main event match. Cesaro slaps on a cross face after a failed Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena reverses into an STF. Cesaro reaches the ropes. Triple Gut Wrench Suplexes by Cesaro. Cena pulls himself out of the Swing and DDTs Cesaro. Cena keeps pulling out new stops and Saxton is correct to point it out. A Cesaro drop kicks spills Cena to the floor. Cesaro flips out of an AA. Cesaro goes for a pop up power bomb. Cena gets out of it. Spinning uppercut by Cesaro gets a two count. Cesaro catches Cena coming off the apron. Fall Away Slam into the barricade. Cesaro gets back dropped into the time keeper’s area. Cena goes for an AA. Cesaro shoves off and gives him a super upper cut. Cena turns around and hits an AA. Ceasro kicks out. Cesaro Swing. Cesaro locks in the Sharp Shooter. Cesaro switches to the cross face. Cena reverses into the STF. Cesaro powers out into a suplex. Cena missed the Spring Board Stunner. Neutralizer only gets a two count. Cesaro gives Cena a swinging face plant. He then clamps on the Cross Face again. Cena reaches the ropes. Cesaro gives Cena the outside in middle rope suplex. Cena power bombs Cesaro, who kicks out. Cena battles out of a middle rope Neutralizer. Cena turns it into an AA for the win. If WWE officials don’t “get” Cesaro at this point, They’re never going to get him. He shined tonight after they gave him the spot. – Kevin

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