Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Dolph Ziggler, Diva’s Revolution and Bad Announcing

Russian Revolution artwork saved from

Russian Revolution artwork saved from

 Jeremy: I was hoping Summer Rae would have gone of script on this idiotic angle

Kevin: Off script in what way?
Jeremy: Talking about seeing Dolph glistening. Just to have her say, “So I just had to suck it!” or something like that. His hog was magical! Anything but what they did. Because what we have right now is a chick that got called in to a locker room, saw the dude naked, wanted him but then left to go back to her boyfriend, regardless of if it is a lie. It makes no sense.
Kevin: They’re doing an Attitude Era angle while towing the line of being PG. It’s just not a good angle to go with now.
Jeremy: Right the angle is stupid. Especially when it comes to the logic. Everything she said was wrong. What the hell happened? Rusev should be running through people already into this garbage and it has hurt Dolph big time
Kevin: I’m going further than hurt. It’s pretty much buried any chance of Ziggler having a real main event run. Not that it was all that likely, but it’s done now.
Jeremy: I don’t think that was ever going to happen anyway. Why you say that though?

Kevin: I feel like his outfits are more “him” but they don’t help at all. Ziggler and Lana are trying to have this cool retro eighties look, which is popular, but have chosen all the wrong things to highlight. Ziggler going back to the pants instead of the tights is a bad decision. Especially when the pants clash with the eighties style he has with his jacket and her new jeans look.
Jeremy: Glad to hear someone else had an issue with a wardrobe. It is a striking change since he has been in trunks forever. The 80’s retro thing I don;t get. Is that really a thing?
Kevin: Oh yeah. One of the bigger bars in town is the 16 Bit Bar & Arcade. The number of retro shirts I see from manufacturers is pretty crazy. I subscribe to a few of them to get some of the anime shirts. My nephews are even into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I know that’s more 90s than 80s but even that time period is retro-cool. And need I remind you of one of my more recent bachelor parties in which we wore 80s short shorts.
Jeremy: I have increasingly inserted myself in to a  bubble apparently. Regardless, nothing works with this feud. I am still holding out hope this leads back to an assertive Lana and Rusev again.
Kevin: With the positives Summer was expressing about Dolph’s body, I was hoping for a similar outcome. We shall see. I was kind of hoping Ziggler would end up the bad guy in the situation because that is the only thing that’d make him more relevant. Until he really takes off on the comedy circuit.
he is already the bad guy here so maybe they realize it?
Jeremy: I think we’ve thought that before and it hasn’t come to fruition. I doubt it will this time. Well writing women like dummies is their strong suit so it fits. Is the divas revolution over? After last night and those short matches? Whoo dog!

Kevin: I’m not ready to throw in the towel quite yet. It’s amazing to me though that you can do so well writing them in NXT but do so poorly in the WWE. I did think the inset promos were pretty solid but the announcers aren’t doing anything to reinforce their positives. JBL still doing the standard “All women hate each other” schtick just shouldn’t be done.
Jeremy: yes the inserts were good. I missed the Paige/Sasha match. Announcing will continue to be a problem since they cant think on their feet. Basically Team Bella is zero threat after last night. Just release the other two.

Kevin: Sasha, who has been competitive and has even beaten Nikki Bella, looked like she was ready to lose to Paige in 1:40. It just shouldn’t happen. It’s a WWE thing with these Beat the Clock challenges. I don’t know why they feel like these matches should be shorter than normal. Brie & Alicia have taken their share of losses but never in 3 or 1:40 minutes.
Jeremy: I get it, there are multiple in fall attempts and one catches somebody. Then play it up as a huge upset considering the time. When Charlotte won the announcers should have been going nuts
Kevin: That is the least that the announcers could do. Make it known how quickly this is done and how amazing it is. Instead, they dwell more on how the next person will beat the time.
Jeremy: Imagine WWE announces covering historical sports moments.
Kevin: Do you believe that the US has to play Finland for the Gold Medal! – Michael Cole at the 1980 Olympics.
Jeremy: NAH, ” What a win for the United States. but now on to ice gymnastics.”
Kevin: That is better. I may have been trying too hard to make Al Michaels line fit into what one of those morons might have said.
Jeremy: Yeah no chance any of them think on their feet for anything classic. JBL would say “This is awesome.” Byron” …………”
Kevin: I still don’t get the third man. If they ever had it so that Cole is the moderate guy, pointing out flaws with both people’s arguments and let the other two be polar opposites, it’d be fine. But Byron can’t argue with JBL so Cole has to pick up the mantel sometimes. JBL can’t keep his own thoughts straight half the time which doesn’t help. Byron ends up being the heel commentator. It’s such a mess.
Jeremy: I don;t even see Byron as a heel commentator as much as a distraction. Let JBL fall apart on his own. Cole goes forward. JBL and Titus bickering lat night finally explained why PTP are even out there. has to be a Vince thing.
Kevin: Byron isn’t a heel commentator. That’s the problem. He’s made to flip to one because JBL can’t make up his mind. If he thinks a baby face is cool, he pulls for them. Neville is a perfect example. He talks him up as being a high light reel, which he is, but the heel announcer shouldn’t be praising him. He should be pointing out how the high risk moves back fire on him.
Jeremy: Even if he wants to agree with the high risk moves looking great that is fine. But the second he misses or costs him a bout should be complaining about it. make the announce a hypocrite at the least. So what is worse; Lawler’s old man gags and shock or Byron’s uselessness?
Kevin: Is Byron any more useless than Booker T was? He’s at least on even footing. Booker didn’t make a re-appearance despite Tough Enough being finished so the WWE may think Byron is better. But since you asked me to choose, I’ll go with Byron over Lawler. I haven’t had to tolerate Byron’s uselessness as long.
Jeremy: That is actually the correct answer. Byron’s streaks of silence are always welcome.
Kevin: Silence is golden as the kids like to say. I feel like there has been a lot of silence around the possible partner for Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns to help combat Braun Strowman in the Wyatt Family. Samoa Joe has been tossed out there but do you think he’s big enough to go against the newest immovable object in the WWE?
Jeremy: yeah if it was Eric Rowan then Joe fits. Unless they want to make a big deal out of his debut and have him slay the big man. 
Kevin: Which seems like a waste of Strowman. Though they did keep him pretty well protected last night.
Jeremy: Yeah big man standing around letting people bump. Don’t see that much any longer. How Big Show should be booked.
Kevin: Show’s been booked so poorly that the crowd wants him to retire. He was funny about it on Jericho’s podcast but I’m not sure they should be playing into it.
Jeremy: Yeah for sure. wonder if it is a Cena Sucks sort of thing. People just chanting to chant it.
Kevin: That could very well be the case. It’s a weird problem for the WWE to have. You have to figure which ones are go away heat and which ones are the crowd just wanting to be involved. Announcer chant always equals not interested in the match.
Jeremy: And they made that impossible to do this week by having three matches in under six minutes. Good work WWE!
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