Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 6 – First Time Again

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne and Lennie James as Morgan Jones - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne and Lennie James as Morgan Jones – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Kevin: I’m in email hell so why don’t I type even more to you about The Walking Dead.
Jeremy: Sounds like a plan. You need a team so you can siphon them all away from you.
Kevin: Is that kind of like siphoning zombies down a long road to what seems like no particular destination?
Jeremy: Elyse had the same issue. Rick said they would just keep on , ooof, walking. So the entire plan was to lead them past Alexandria and on down the road.
Kevin: I just thought it was weird after all of back and forth with the planning and unexpected execution of said plan that the end game was never revealed.
Jeremy: But it was. Rick even said in the show what the end game was. Let their dumbasses keep walking down the road. They move on away from Alexandria as long as there is no noise, which was the problem at the end. I did think Eugene’s idea of using the construction equipment would have come in to play.
Kevin: Okay, I’ll blame missing that part on how late I was watching the show then. That gives me a whole new question though, why did anyone think this was a good plan? I know what went wrong has never happened on the show but it seems to me like there were too many chances of something going wrong.
Jeremy: I believe that was part of the apprehension on Carter’s part. It was supposed to be a dry run so they could work out the kinks. the tractor trailer falling of the cliff was the catalyst. I figured they would just take some other cars or trucks to block them all in again. Possibly light a fire or something.
Kevin: Well, that was one thing that Rick had planned for in that they didn’t have the time to build a wall to help keep the walkers where they were because of the that truck falling.
Jeremy: The quarry screen was pretty damn impressive. I guess the idea of TV being small scale really needs to go away. I thought it was a dream at first since it looked very similar to season 1.
Kevin: It certainly was impressive. Every time I see a scene like that though, I wonder how many people are alive and how many people are zombie dead. I mean, at some point they stop being generated since there aren’t many pregnancies during this time period.
Jeremy: How many people are in the US? I don;t know other than “too many”. They herd up so i figure there were 2 thousand in the quarry. This is based off of no logic or reason.
Kevin: Man, if is correct about the number of zombie kills, it’s much lower than I expected. Only 1068 zombie deaths through four seasons. Considering there’s about 350 million people, there could be a hell of a lot more zombies out there. That quarry looked massive, I was thinking more along the lines of 5000.
Jeremy: Either way that’s a whole lot of walkin’ or sumptin’. Home run!
Kevin: I hope your cheek gets bit off Chip.
Jeremy: I did enjoy the fact Carter got taken out in a  way there was no way to save him. it helped Ricks explanation to Morgan how he was going to die regardless. So he goes and ends up getting bit in a place that cannot be amputated.
Kevin: Even the amputations are a risky business. I wasn’t sure why Rick just straight up didn’t kill him since sound was so important at that moment. Carter was toast. It’ll be interesting to see how that goes over with the people in Alexandria.
Jeremy: Judging by the end Carter getting killed is least of their worries. Morgan and Michonne had worried then a resigned looked on their faces to his death. I got the feeling they thought Rick straight murdered him.
Kevin: Always amused when it’s just not wrestling that groups the African Americans together. I understand the suspicion but did they not hear him yelling for a while? They were all in a pack, weren’t they?
Jeremy: Rick and Carter took off ahead but yeah I get ya. There seemed to be an effort to establish how loud the walkers were on their own. So maybe they had a hard time hearing him?
Kevin: It’s possible. Probably wasn’t helping that Daryl & Sasha were being as loud as possible to get the walkers to follow them. I guess it just seems odd to me that you had the perfect chance to depose Rick as de facto leader just a mere few days prior, but you didn’t. Now you’re still wondering if he’s too crazy? I do like the story line of Morgan trying to get Rick to have less of a hard line for killing walkers.
Jeremy: I thought he was trying to get him to ease up on writing off people? His intervening in Carters refusal to kill a walker was the tipping point.
Kevin: I worded that poorly. Rick has become a little too into the whole killing whatever might oppose him. He’s not quite Governor level yet but it’s interesting to see Morgan try to bring him back a bit. Michonne has a similar attitude but doesn’t have quite the same connection with Rick. He just seems more receptive to Morgan even though they’ve been together for less time.
Jeremy: Michonne is in a weird apprehensive place. Started at end of last season and carried through this season. Of course it seems like it has only been two days since the season finale.
Kevin: That in and of itself seems weird to me Normally they have some time period in between that you need to catch up on. It certainly doesn’t appear that way since Rick’s face is still busted up from the fight.
Jeremy: Yes and i hope they didn’t have Pete’s body laying around for weeks to get buried. Outside of the main arc of heading the herd. There was a lot built in to this episode. A lot of humor and character building.
Kevin: Which was needed. A lot of the Alexandria was passed over when the group came in except for Deanna. The group had lost some people and needs new blood. New season is the perfect time to get those people over and they did it even if one of them was killed off.
Jeremy: I enjoyed the humor parts with Eugene especially as well as Abraham. “I respect your hair game.” Does Eugene realize Heath wasn’t sporting a mullet?
Kevin: I was dying during that moment. I think Eugene knew it wasn’t a mullet, he just respected Heath’s flow. Not many people seem to go with long locks. Or to Daryl’s barber.
Jeremy: Eugene’s explanation of why he was on watch was spot on. Especially since I asked” who the hell put Eugene on guard duty?” his creeping on Tara after waking up was also very funny. He just stands there staring at her.
Kevin: Eugene is certainly talented at being awkward. I was amused that he was taken advantage of to pawn of guard duty on someone else. There really isn’t much for the guard to do there.
Jeremy: If someone knocks at the gate, you don’t let them in. He fails immediately.
Kevin: It did seem though that he let in some old residents since at least Heath was out later with Glenn. He did help keep with the redemption theme of the show since Glenn kept Nicholas in his small team.
Jeremy: I think that has a lot of potential since it is such an awkward position. Then having Maggie and Tara know the truth about him adds to it. I expected Nicholas to get the axe last night but was actually happy to see he lived. Sure he sucks as a character but it is interesting to me.
Kevin: His sucking is what makes him interesting. He also looks like a weasel so he’s got a lot going on for him. I agree about the redemption angle simply because it doesn’t make risky moves like leading the herd away from town more possible. More people is better. The major problem is it’s really hard to take a zombie preparedness test without getting a few people killed.
Jeremy: That is a high risk test for sure. so far only lost one person. It was appreciated they didn’t even bother making it seem like Abraham, who may be my favorite character with Carol, was in any danger.
Kevin: Sasha may have been the only person worried about him at that moment. No viewers were concerned about his comedy bit of talking out some walkers. Abraham giving zero fucks is always appreciated.
Jeremy: Even then her fear lasted about 10 seconds as he runs in to the trees flailing his arms. Where did he get aluminum foil from? It is that small detail that made me laugh.
Kevin: I must have missed that detail so I’m not sure where he picked it up. I just liked how he sat back down in the car and shot back Sasha’s own line about needing to live now. Calm, cool and collected after taking out some zombies.
Jeremy: He checks himself for blood as well and just smiles. It is hard to dislike a character who doesn’t care but goes about it in his way. Could be a show full of Gabriel who was placed firmly on the pay no mind list.
Kevin: Deanna was sort of on that list too. Both of them being on that list though did help fill in some of the others though.
Jeremy: The cast is still rather big so maybe next week people start getting knocked off. Which leads to the “Who is ringing the bell” conversation.
Kevin: Before I answer that, did I hear correctly that the bell was coming from Alexandria?
Jeremy: Yes. Exactly. Well, it was said to be from far away so it only makes sense from Alexandria.
Kevin: My theory, without that added point, was it was the person branding the zombies with the W. I had always assumed that someone had been banished from Alexandria. If it’s coming from the town itself, is there a chance the zombie brander is doing an inside job?
Jeremy: I figure it is “The Wolves” but it could also be that dickhead teenager kid.
Kevin: If it’s him, what a douche. But then again, when you kill his dad and seemingly get away with it, the moron teenager may revolt.
Jeremy: Yeah and get a talking to by the guy that murdered your dad, can understand a bit.
Kevin: Are there any other guesses? Plus, I would hope that someone back in Alexandria knows the plan is getting foiled so if it is the teenager, he’ll get his ass beat before the zombie ring leaders even get back.
Jeremy: No one I can recall, unless Gabriel lost his marbles or something.
Kevin: I’m still searching for a good ending to this convo. Maybe we’ll find it when they reveal the culprit next week.
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