Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 2 November 2015

The Molly Brown House in historic Denver CO. Courtesy of

The Molly Brown House in historic Denver CO. Courtesy of

The WWE does the smart thing and limits Roman Reigns opening comments about Seth Rollins. The later does keep his comments to a minimum too. He tells Roman he’ll only be remembered for carrying Rollins’s bags. The Authority has to stick their nose in the World Title picture. HHH gets in a pot joke. He ends up giving us a Survivor Series style match tonight for the main event with Rollins & Reigns as team captains.

Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler most likely will not be in the main event since they have a match. Ziggler is selling his knee injury from last week going into the break. Owens continues to work it over. Tyler Breeze & Summer Rae are in the “VIP Section” at ring side. Ziggler tries to fight back but Owens keeps the upper hand. Ziggler swipes at Breeze, who is taking a selfie at ring side. Owens hits the Pop Up Powerbomb for the win. Breeze takes a shot but still lays out Ziggler again. In my humble opinion, he isn’t getting much heat. The WWE is booking properly.

Seth Rollins greets Kevin Owens back stage. Rollins owes Owens one but he joins his team tonight. Looks like I was wrong.

Becky Lynch is being interviewed by Renee Young. She does a good job of acting crazy but still know what she’s doing toughness. She even gets to tell Brie Bella she’s a door mat of a sister.

The Cesaro Section continues to grow. The WWE will continue to job him. I really hope that doesn’t happen since his opponent is The Miz. Cesaro shows off the power early. The Miz tosses Cesaro into the post on the outside. He gains the upper hand and starts working over the shoulder. Cesaro Swing. Bring back a popular move is best for business. Cesaro turns it into a Sharpshooter for the tap out win. The Stardust Section is out old school periscoping Cesaro.

Bray Wyatt didn’t want The Undertaker or Kane’s bodies because a body dies. Wyatt tries to convince us that he has consumed their souls which is really stupid. It would make sense if the WWE were Dragonball Z. Wyatt summons the forces of evil. We’re supposed to be scared of a fire works display. I’ve got nothing for you on this one fans. Campy doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The Lucha Dragons get a video package because they have been buried since getting called up. People are still doing the arm dance so no reason not to push them. King Barrett & Sheamus are their opponents. Byron Saxton talks about Bray Wyatt’s new power level like he is indeed living in the Dragonball Z world. The power of Sheamus & Barrett prevails in the early going. Kalisto makes an acrobatic tag out. Sin Cara with the rare hot tag. Sin Cara gets himself caught but flips out. Sheamus runs into the ring post. Barrett ends up distracting and attacking Sin Cara. He ends up taking a beating. Kalisto gets the real hot tag. Salida Del Sol for the victory. Jack Swagger shows back up to take a loss to Zeb Colter‘s new man, Alberto Del Rio. Viva MexiAmerica.

Alberto Del Rio & Zeb Colter come to the ring. R Truth is his opponent, again, right? Truth is putting up more of a fight than I expected. Truth even gets in an axe kick. The Running Enziguri is getting too much hype. Del Rio kicks Truth in the Tree of Woe. Truth gets stomped as he holds onto the ropes to take the finishing move of Del Rio. There is nothing good about Del Rio’s character or in ring work at the moment.

Seth Rollins accepts New Day‘s offer to join Team Rollins. Kofi & Big E wish Xavier Woods back with Unicorn Power. Rollins even gets into the song that Woods starts playing. JoJo wonders if Sasha Banks is under pressure. She starts going into Boss mode. No sight of Naomi or Tamina. Baby steps are being taken. Lynch had no Charlotte or Paige to play off of. Becky’s look is off the charts right now.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks square off mostly alone in the early going of the Fatal Four Way with Brie Bella & Paige. Becky & Paige end up brawling outside. Paige tosses Becky into the steps. Brie Bella holds onto the ropes while Sasha knees her in the stomach. Brie misses a middle rope drop kick. Sasha breaks up a pin by Paige. Brie uses the Yes Kicks on Becky & Paige. Brie singles out Becky. Paige recovers and takes over. Now JBL is conceding that Paige started the Divas Revolution. Holy terrible continuity Batman. Everyone goes down in a triple suplex. The crowd finally realizes the ladies are working hard. See WWE, feature the personalities, just like you do for the guys. Becky unleashes a pair of T Bone Suplexes. Sasha counters Becky into a neck breaker. Sasha slaps on the Bank Statement. Paige breaks it up. Ram-Paige on Becky for the win. So the woman that just lost every match in October is now going to be the number one contender. That makes sense. I mean, I know it does given the story that they are pushing. Paige tries to talk down to the crowd but they are cheering her so it’s losing a little of it’s luster.

Charlotte is interviewed by Renee Young. She’s happy that Paige won. Charlotte keeps reinforcing the idea that she isn’t just the Divas Champ because of her name.

New Day comes out. They chew up some more scenery. Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins come out. Roman Reigns first partners are The Usos. Ryback is his next team mate. Dean Ambrose is the last man out. Xavier Woods runs into a super kick. Jey Uso with a splash to eliminate Woods. Flying Usos onto Kofi & Big E. Jimmy Uso splashes Kofi for another elimination. Big E crotches Jey Uso. Big Ending to eliminate Jey. Sneaky tag by Kevin Owens allows him to hit the Pop Up Power Bomb on Jimmy for another elimination. Big spot, spot ends with an Owens super kick on Reigns. Rollins is wearing down Reigns. Seth charges and Reigns drops him over the top rope. Ryback gets tagged in. Big E ends up taking advantage of Ryback’s momentum. Meat Hook after Big E wastes time. Big spot, spot again. Big E belly to bellys Ryback for a two count. Ryback with Shell Shock to eliminate Big E. Pedigree on Ryback for another quick elimination. Owens & Rollins beat down Ambrose. Dean fights out of the corner after some verbal abuse from Rollins. Dirty Deeds on Owens for an elimination. Big pin for Ambrose, right? Rollins keeps on trying to head for the hills. Ambrose catches him the second time. Rollins attacks him with a chair to cause his own elimination. Rollins continues the assault with a chair. Rollins rolls Reigns back into the ring. Rollins takes his time. Reigns catches him with a Superman Punch. Good finish. – Kevin

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