Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #41

Wide With Surprise

This weeks We Watch Stuff is a bit of a change of pace for the show. Yeah it is still Shahid and Jeremy at the helm but there is nary movie or television discussed. Yeah this week the guys decided to go real life speak. It’s a damn good show and frankly honest. The guys discuss leaving Facebook and social media behind in the wake of the lunacy and outright idiocy that has taken over recently. It isn’t just the Paris attacks, it is a combination of long running lunacy and irritation.  Shahid talks about being Muslim in America and the differences and problems that come with it. Who compares Mecca with Atlantis?  Why did someone compare Mecca with Atlantis? How is Catholicism equated with Islam on the public perception front? Was Cam Newton out of line and why would a Charlotte newspaper publish a fictional letter to the editor? Who has a problem with “families” at sporting events? Just why would a rich guy want people to make $15.00 an hour? Yeah the show has it all and is a must listen. Those words are not used often so get to downloading.

We Watch Stuff #41

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