Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 6 – Always Accountable

Daryl getting caught being stupid for the second time. Saved from but surely protected by AMC.

Daryl getting caught being stupid for the second time. Saved from but surely protected by AMC.

Jeremy: So after two weeks, lets get back on track man. I liked this episode strictly for the Abraham scenes.

Kevin: He finally got a whole lot of screen time and used it well. The only scene that left me wanting more was him screaming at the zombie soldier. Am I the only one that wants to know if the rocket on his back went off when he fell from the bridge?

Jeremy: OK so this is where I fill you in, um, the rocket launcher was still on the pole. Off to a flying start.
Kevin: Ha. I thought it was on the zombie’s back. Maybe I should start watching twice.
Jeremy: Yeah when the pole pulled through its shoulder the strap slid on the pole. Basically proving Sasha right. All he had to do was get the walker amped up and the flesh pulled through. There was no reason to get so close to it.
Kevin: I figured it was going to be a mercy killing and he’d just stab it in the head. Instead he tempted fate which does make for much better TV.
Jeremy: It allowed him to blow off some steam. I was thinking he wanted it to fight back and all it was doing was trying to bite. Plus, Abraham needed that rocket launcher because, if you can get your hands on one, you get your hands on one.
Kevin: Abraham did round up some nice toys to use. They’re going to come in useful at some point. I’m more surprised when people haven’t found stuff like that now. People have done a good job of scavenging.
Jeremy: I suppose no one was crazy enough to try and get the launcher from the walker? His lien about going shopping cracked me up. Just blatantly walking around that town after being ambushed added some tension.
Kevin: That was one of those questions that never got fully answered in that episode. Were they waiting to ambush Abraham/Sasha/Daryl or did they just happen to wonder there at the wrong time?
Jeremy: They brought that up briefly. I get the feeling it is the other group out to get people. So when they were driving they may have been watching them? It was such a small group.
Kevin: Not all questions get answered the episode they become relevant in so I wasn’t surprised it was just a passing thought before moving on to more immediate things. But you mention the driving and while it’s quite possible the other group saw them coming, I was more wondering about why the triumvirate were so far ahead of the zombie pack to start the show.
Jeremy: I thought it was so they could out distance between the pack. just visible enough to keep them walking so that when they hit the gas they would keep moving forward. Keep sound down so they don’t get distracted. Especially with Daryl’s loud transportation. The car won’t be as noisy obviously.
Kevin: I thought they were closer to the walkers when we left them last with Daryl joining back up after the Rick scare. I also wondered what happened to that giant pack once a gun fight erupted. They didn’t drive far enough ahead to make that pack become irrelevant, which was what happened.
Jeremy: Yes I thought the same thing with the gun fight. It should have drawn more. Unless it did and they are so far away now it would take a bit to catch up? I would expect that town to be over run eventually. There were random walkers already there of course.
Kevin: I expected something in the episode to make it bad though only Abraham and Sasha seemed to be following the road route. Daryl was off in the woods playing with the kids. I can see the zombies skipping out on that fun.
Jeremy: I was lost on Sasha’s issue with Abraham wanting to kill walkers. how many times have they let them go only to get bit, literally, by one? So the door is locked? How many times have they broken through impenetrable situations?
Kevin: It happened in the episode when Daryl let the one guy looking for the kids walk by the zombie stuck between the rocks. Stupid thing still bit someone. Never safe to have a zombie around. It is funny that an office meeting room would be better at holding zombies back than anything else that has been used.
Jeremy: Right they were in a prison, something literally created to keep people in, and it didn’t work. I liked that we finally got some time with Sasha and Abraham though. She is a good foil for him even though the attraction part came out of nowhere.
Kevin: Sasha has been a blank slate since Tyreese died. I know she had the freak out storyline but that died out quickly. It was nice getting to know her some. I think the attraction comes more from the fact that most practical people know they’re going to die sooner rather than later. Why not hook up?
Jeremy: I am guessing he doesn’t spin this with Rosita? I did like his confidence when Sasha was confrontational about it without saying she wasn’t interested. ” A man just knows.” both arrogant and confident.
Kevin: The relationship with Rosita was put on hold pretty quickly too. If I had a nickel for every time I thought I knew what a woman was thinking, I’d have as many nickels as there are zombies.
Jeremy: Well Sasha never got anywhere with Bob so maybe she figures she better hop on this train? Don’t blame her. Gotta be a better option than Eugene.
Kevin: They never did indicate much happened between Abraham & Sasha but I wouldn’t blame her if she does. Though maybe something did happen considering Abraham’s shit eating grin on the way back in the tanker truck.
Jeremy: Well he had to get out of those clothes to put on those dress blues. Good catch man, I wasn’t thinking about that. I did see the symbolism of him looking int he rear view mirror and then smiling.
Kevin: Daryl was the other big storyline in the show but I didn’t think there was much substance to it. The only thing it highlights is how hard it would be to recruit more people to Alexandria. Everyone is so jaded that they can’t trust someone unless it keeps them alive.
Jeremy: The Daryl stuff was fluff other than introducing another threat out there. he looked like an amateur getting caught twice by same people.
Kevin: Him getting caught twice was the reason I brought up the recruiting. Him & Aaron thought it should still be something that should be done. In theory, it makes sense but it doesn’t work well in practice unless you snag someone who’s too weak to defend themselves.
Jeremy: It also helps not dropping your guard consistently. First time is excusable since he was on run. The instant trust though after helping them was disappointing. Is it possible his character has regressed. The family aspect of being with Rick has made him weaker.
Kevin: I always feel like the writers try to have a compassionate character for people to cling to in a bleak world. So I wouldn’t call Daryl weak, he’s got that role. I wouldn’t call him weak since he had the balls not to flinch when someone shot near his head too.
Jeremy: True, can also be chalked up to being totally caught off guard. So he lost his crossbow and motorcycle again. How did he know there was a truck in woods?
Kevin: I love that the answer is “He’s a tracker” most of the time. He did unearth the well for the tanker to drop it’s load but it’s a leap to think that the truck will be around and then barely camouflaged by a pile of unnaturally stacked branches.
Jeremy: I know there was a path but come on. Felt like there should have been a scene somewhere.
Kevin: I’m not sure what else to talk about in this episode other than speculating for future shows. Abraham, Sasha & Daryl seemed headed back to Alexandria. We should be getting the full picture information soon.
Jeremy: Well one big thing, and it has run through this half season; who was the voice on the radio?
Kevin: I’m not sure in the least. The kids didn’t say the name “Wolves” at all and I don’t feel like I saw any zombies with the W in their head so it’s possible Alexandria has pissed off a few neighbors and not just one.
Jeremy: I thought it was Glenn on the radio.But then i have seen some people seem t think it is someone completely different setting up a  trap. All of the commercials have said there are two episodes left this half season. So they need to wrap that uncertainty up already.
Kevin: It would make more sense for it to be Glenn among the group since he was out there still. Rick should have been back in Alexandria but then again, we’re talking Walking Dead timing so you never know if things are happening concurrently or a day or two apart.
Jeremy: We will find out in two weeks, gotta drag this mystery out a bit longer.
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