Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 6 – Start to Finish

Saved from I'm sure Gene Bell was involved along with AMC.

Saved from I’m sure Gene Bell was involved along with AMC.

Kevin: I think we got the answer to why The Walking Dead mid-season finale was only an hour, because the material sucked.

Jeremy: What? How dare you. Look at all that happened. Logic got totally tossed out the window. Character motivation changed out of blue. Commercials galore. What a great waste of an hour.

Kevin: I’m so glad I finished watching the Crew move on t the MLS Cup first. At least the lone Wolf maintained his motivations.

Jeremy: No he didn’t man. His sole reasoning has been he is going to kill people. So he takes a hostage and runs out the door? What the fuck? Also, when did Tara or Rosita become a terrible shot. Weren’t they both scoping walkers in the head form a far distance? Couldn’t they do the same thing for the Wolve?

Kevin: He was out manned so I don’t blame him for wanting to get out of the situation. But I was thinking the same thing about Tara & Rosita. A bullet is going to go faster than the Wolf could react and cut Denise’s throat.

Jeremy: The entire episode was bad. it started off in a totally confusing manner. how did everyone get hurt? Rick was cut up, Maggie has a cut on her leg and is limping, How the hell did they get hurt? Was there a scene missing? It was fake tension for me as it made no sense.

Kevin: And was the cookie that Sam left out just a metaphor for the incoming zombie horde? I was thinking something more would come of that little scene but I don’t think it did. I have no idea how everyone got hurt to answer your question. Missing scene is the best explanation.
Jeremy: Yeah real subtle on that one. Of all the times there should have been an extended episode this was one of them. Nothing was fleshed out and the commercial breaks every ten minutes, yes I kept track, killed any momentum.

Kevin: Ha. I hadn’t thought about the commercials but the show did seem to move more quickly than normal. Evenly distributing everything will do that.

Jeremy: One thing I did enjoy was the call back to Glenn surviving the prison by climbing the scaffolding.Then having Maggie do something similar and then shoot it the same way I enjoyed. It made no sense she had a leg injury but I did like that. Considering the Greene family statistics with season and mid-season finales there was a reasonable amount of stress there.

Kevin: I only remember Glenn doing that now that you jogged my memory. I didn’t feel like she was in trouble but her family has had a habit of dying. I was a bit surprised nothing came of Glenn’s plan and speech to Enid. Did his help get on the cutting floor too?
Jeremy: Glenn getting on Enid’s case was the biggest eye roll of the episode. he just got done telling her she had to make sure she lived , blah blah. In a split second he says to hell with her and walks off? This was the character motivation i was talking about. It made zero sense. his help never came as they had to walk all the way around to the west side. the only glimpse we got was when he saw Maggie on the riser above the walkers. just more building for two and a half months from now.
Kevin: Glenn tried to talk her into caring because people inside Alexandria cared about her but she didn’t seem to care at all about Carl or Ron. They were just looking to get some sweet tang from her.
Jeremy: As they should at that age. So let me get this straight. You pull a gun on me, try and feed em to a walker through a window and then when i get eh upper hand I cover for you? Then i get the drop on you with a gun and don’t take your dumb ass out? Confused.
Kevin: The least they could have done in the later scene is have Carl explain that he thinks life is more important than capping his dumb ass. Wouldn’t have been hard to add as Carl took away his gun.
Jeremy: In the comics Carl gets shot in eye and loses it. I think the scene was a fake out for comics readers. When they scuffled I was waiting for it. Would have been nice too if the bullet had gone through the roof and killed Sam.
Kevin: Nothing is worse than trying to fake out a small subsection of fans. Not that I really care about Sam, but why does he keep being treated like he’s slow? I know his dad was abusive and killed but has there been anything else that I’m missing? If he was abusing you, aren’t things better now?
Jeremy: Carl saying ” Your dad was an asshole” was a fun line but the whole scene was goofy. All of this happening upstairs with the walkers trying to get up and Deanna turning. So let;s leave her alone. It did give the one funny scene with Rick going to kill her though.
Kevin: It was a funny line but you still didn’t get much of a reaction from Ron. He’s not going to immediately go “You know what, Carl is right.” I was hoping Rick would lop her head off into the pack and play. It was actually a bit of a smart move by Deanna to start shooting the zombies. It should have distracted them from the stupidity of the rest of the group leaving. If covering yourself in zombie blood works that well, the obvious question is, why not do that all of the time?
Jeremy: It has worked before but they covered their faces too. They had the tactical advantage on the upper floor of the house. They had the stairs blocked. And they can easily fashion pokers , ya know like Michonne’s sword, to easily poke them in head and build a zombie barricade. Why leave the house?
Kevin: Considering that Glenn just had to wait under dumpster doing the same thing for about a day for the zombies to go away, one would think that’s an option. In the episode just previous to this one. Did the entire writing staff take off and let the WWE writers in on this episode?
Jeremy: All they had to do was toss a tin can out the window. They could have taken Deanna’s limp body and tossed her to the horde. Anything but cover in guts and walk out in a crowd. Sam talking at the end was an eye roller more so than shocking.
Kevin: Sam talking was supposed to be the hook but it just made me hate that child even more as I rolled my eyes at the saunter out of the house. Shouldn’t we have at least seen some of the Walkers going into the house because of the gun fire?
Jeremy: I believe that is why Deanna did that. Trying to buy them time. So, um, go out the back door . Why go in the mouth of the walkers? The only sort of smart person this episode was Carol. her falling confused me as it didn’t fit her at all. Knowing it was part of her setup was a good touch.
Kevin: I was confused as to whether it was a set up or not. If it was a set up, why was she so jittery with the knife? And if it was a set up, why not just kill the Wolf right away instead of waiting for Morgan to reappear?
Jeremy: Maybe I am trying to make the best of the fall? Because with Carol it makes no sense. It all seemed like a setup though as soon as Morgan leaves the room she bolts. I believe the shock of who was down there may be an issue? The knife shake I figured was her being emotionally distracted.
Kevin: I didn’t think of it being a set up but in hindsight, I agree with you. She shouldn’t have been surprised with Denise being there though considering she had just seen her follow Morgan to this location.
Jeremy: Right which has me o back to the missing scene theory. Morgan and Carol were far away form the “cell” when the episode began but they were almost inside the episode before. The inevitable face off though was a letdown but it had to be, Morgan has a Bo staff for god sake. No chance Carol can get in close.
Kevin: I certainly didn’t get why they had to sprint to the “cell” either. As much as a bad ass as Carol has been, it’s mostly been with a gun in her hand or how she’s dealt with someone who isn’t as strong willed as Morgan.
Also from a far. She did blow up the natural gas at Terminus. I will always make excuses for Carol though.
Jeremy: As far as half season finales go this was a major disappointment. As a long time viewer these have always had some sort of payoff and this episode gave nothing. they didn’t include Daryl, Abraham and Sasha until the prologue in a different show. Plus so many of the other Alexadrians have been missing in action for so many episodes.
Kevin: We both thought Tobin was a goner but he wasn’t even in the episode. I thought the prologue was more of a “Hey, we really should have included this in the episode but we’re going to make you watch another show for this scene.”
Jeremy: He was briefly at the beginning and he too was mysteriously injured.
Kevin: So is it even worth getting into what message Deanna was trying to give Michonne, who’s been pretty MIA in the leadership department for this entire half season.
Jeremy: Not really since I forgot about that anyway. This was on her death bed?
Kevin: Her death bed that felt longer than any other in the history of the show but probably wasn’t.
Jeremy: Nah, I think Bob was longer. Tyreese hallucinating at least was more entertaining.
Kevin: Okay, we’re just babbling now. Any good observation to send this post off on?
Jeremy: Well now we have to wait two and a half months , February 14th for people to die basically.Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple stated as much. It just feels like the wrong strategy. They needed to give the viewers something, instead we were all given a long pause.
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