Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE NXT – 27 Jan. ’16

Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter. Saved from

Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter. Saved from

American Alpha vs Blake & Murphy with Alexa Bliss – This match did a fantastic job of putting over Dan Gable & Jason Jordan of American Alpha. They had beaten two former NXT Tag Team Champions including The Ascension last week. Beating one of the recent championship teams in NXT in Blake & Murphy helps more in my opinion. Both Gable & Jordan were busting out move that were a good combination of amateur wrestling and pro wrestling. They won with their Super Side Suplex which needs a name after they finally got a team name.

Dana Brooke & Emma insult Carmella very well and compliment Bayley in the process. Emma is ready to take out Carmella next week.

Nia Jax with Eva Marie vs Liv Morgan – Jax made short work of Morgan which is of no surprise. Jax won with a big leg drop. It does make me angry though when an under sized opponent tries to pull power moves or cross bodies on a large opponent such as Jax. It’s like game planning incorrectly for an opponent and playing to their strengths instead of their weaknesses.

The Vaud-Villians short black and white skit is hinting at them being, gasp, villians.

Bull Dempsey vs Alex Riley – It was nice of Corey Graves to tell us that Riley has been out because of a knee injury. It’d make more sense to know this information on screen earlier than now. Dempsey got in a small flurry but otherwise it was all Riley. He won with a leg lariat although Tom Phillips and Graves called it a knee to the face.

I like bitter Alex Riley complaining about how we knew Sami Zayn’s return date weeks ago & what Apollo Crews ate for breakfast. Even though I didn’t like the ex-jock from high school gimmick he started with, you could tell being a heel suited him more then.

Elias Samson vs John Skyler – Samson seems like he has plenty of potential but his gimmick is undefined at best. He’s a drifter but he has a home town and he’s consistently in Orlando for NXT tapings. Being a drifter also seems very 50’s and 60’s. That works for the Vaud-Villians because of how over the top they are. Samson has no such feel. Samson of course won quickly with a swinging neck breaker.

The Hype Bros discuss The Vaud-Villians and how odd they are. They also establish a bit of a rift forming between themselves.

Baron Corbin vs Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn – This match will be known for the controversial finish with Samoa Joe locking on the cross face while Zayn had Corbin in a Sharp Shooter already. They could be milking out who the number one contender is but that wouldn’t be my way of doing it. Why not go with an elimination style match where the contenders whittle their way down to one. Because of the screw ball finish, the match will be forgotten that is was a good one. Corbin seems to be getting better in my estimation and though he still isn’t on the level that Joe or Zayn are, he has far more miles to continue in the company than either of them do.

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