Back Log Blog – Mauro Ranallo, John Cena, Randy Orton & Rocky Romero

Saved from but clearly labeled from MediVisuals Inc.

Saved from but clearly labeled from MediVisuals Inc.

Mauro Ranallo made his debut on Smackdown this past week. I am not at all familiar with his work from Pride, Strikeforce, Showtime Championship Boxing or New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS so this was the first time I’ve heard him do announcing. Ranallo brings a very distinctive voice that I don’t feel like I’ve heard in wrestling, ever. He very much sounds like the announcer of various sports programs with a booming voice and a penchant for calling the action. It was refreshing to hear.

Unfortunately, Ranallo’s debut also came with Jerry “The King” Lawler turning heel which at best is groan inducing. He’s been a voice for the baby faces for a vast majority of the time since the Attitude Era even when it was just him and good ole’ JR, Jim Ross. Lawler is in a similar boat as Ric Flair. Both have a past in which they have played the heel and done it exceptionally well. The problem both have now is that they’re the lovable old guy who used to be a heel but everyone cheers for now. If you don’t want Byron Saxton to be a heel announcer, put Corey Graves on Smackdown so that he can be the heel announcer and Lawler can go back to defending the baby faces.

John Cena‘s surgery on his shoulder was confirmed to have been successful this past Saturday. No time table was given for his return so we should all assume he’ll be at Wrestlemania since he’s Super Cena, right?

Randy Orton, like John Cena, recently had shoulder surgery. Instead of explaining this on WWE TV, Orton had to shoot the rumors down on Instagram that surgery would be required for his neck also. My favorite part of the post is the fact that is the only source for information on wrestlers injuries. The only time I believe anything on is when someone has been “Future Endeavored.”

– I enjoy Rocky Romero‘s limited work that he gets in ROH and his work in New Japan, when I’ve seen it. I am not surprised that the WWE tried to sign him as a trainer. He is a very good wrestler who could be used to train more of the high flying talents in NXT. As much as I liked the work of Matt “A-Train/Tensai/Insert Any of His Other Personas in Here” Bloom, he is no expert with that style of wrestling. New Japan decided to open their purse strings though and re-sign Romero for another two years. It’s a head scratching decision to keep one of your lower tier wrestlers but let four huge names walk.

– The Lady thought nothing was on TV last night so she decided to watch the Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge on CMT. It was not something I thought about watching. I only caught the final two challenges but it seems like a fun show to take in when you have the free time. – Kevin

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