Stunt Granny Audio #353


Oh yeah this week is extra special since Kevin is off so Jeremy regains control of the show and invites Chris along for a journey. Just why exactly would Pop TV move on from TNA Wrestling if it still existed? Who knew that New Kids on The Block had their own TV show? What year does ROH production believe it is? Does their technology exist a step above ColecoVision? (Look it up kids, it was great.) How well does explaining Lucha Underground to people who don’t watch wrestling? Eventually they get around WWE talk and wonder why Vince McMahon sold off so much stock? How can he control the fate of his company without being the majority shareholder? Does the future of the WWE Network rest with shows like Edge & Christian and Camp WWE? Is the future of WWE being created on television currently? What the hell do counterfeit $100 bills and strippers got to do with all of this? You will get all of this and so much more gang so join us.


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