Stunt Granny Audio 356 – Hardy Video, Brock Lesnar & Ariel Helwani

Chris & Kevin are back and they go a whole show without talking about the WWE! How can that be done? Easily, start by talking about the first viral video Impact Wrestling has made in years. Of course it came from the hands of the creative personalities of Jeff and Matt Hardy. Does the video at least have it’s own internal logic? Would people outside of wrestling fans appreciate the ridiculousness of the video? The Wife does a run in to talk about Ali kicking Gail Kim in the vagina. How does that feel for a woman? Should it be a disqualification? Will this video get Chris or Kevin to pay for Slammiversary on Sunday? They move on to a PPV that they may buy, UFC 200. Will the WWE benefit from Brock Lesnar‘s appearance on that card even if he loses to Mark Hunt? Will he lose more possible opponents in the WWE if he wins? Did something seem amiss with Lesnar’s lack of appearances in the WWE before this announcement? How much did the UFC act like the WWE when they banned Ariel Helwani for life? How stupid was it to lift the ban the following day? Why does the UFC want to control every aspect of their product? Don’t they get more mainstream acceptance than the WWE because it’s a legitimate sport?  We cover both fake and real wrestling so go ahead and click the link below.

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