Stunt Granny Audio 361 – Matt Hardy, Raw Recap & Brock Lesnar

Saved from I suppose I'm to assume they're Getty images. Their tags stink.

Saved from I suppose I’m to assume they’re Getty images. Their tags stink.

Chris & Kevin are coming at you off the heels of Matt Hardy‘s in ring promo. Has the brilliance continued from Broken Matt Hardy? Is there a reason other than these segments to watch Impact Wrestling? What exactly is wrong with Maria Kanellis? Does Mike Bennett just drag her down? Is Davey Richards going to turn on Eddie Edwards in the main event? Will your hosts update you when the time is appropriate? Should we have said “spoilers” before doing this show?  They eventually mosey into talking about the WWE but what more is there to say until the brand split? How many times can we ask will Shane McMahon actually have control when he is the commissioner of Smackdown? Why did Vince down grade Smackdown right after asking for competition from Raw and Smackdown by saying that Raw was the Flagship show? Did the Wyatt Compound video disappoint your hosts? Did it not look “gritty” enough? How are New Day & The Wyatt Family just have a regular old tag team match at Battleground after this fight? Why is the WWE going backwards with the feud between Zack Ryder and Rusev? Shouldn’t Ryder have beaten Sheamus instead of losing in a minute? Why would anyone think he has a chance against Rusev? Is the WWE booking Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose next Monday so that they can advertise Smackdown moving to Tuesdays? Shouldn’t Smackdown be able to feel different because it was a taped show? Have they been playing their roles well? Brock Lesnar played his role in the UFC by dispatching of Mark Hunt. Will he continue to fight? Will he get vaulted into Championship status earlier than expected? Would a rematch with Cain Velasquez suffice? What happens if Alistair Overeem won the Title in September? Kevin is still drinking beer from December for his Christmas in July series. What is it? Click on the link below to find out.

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