Stunt Granny Audio 363 – Raw & Smackdown Brands

Dog House saved from, credit given to "Contributed."

Dog House saved from, credit given to “Contributed.”

Chris & Kevin are back again and this time they actually get to talk about the Brand Extension since it’s finally happening! They start off by talking about Smackdown since it was the most recent show. They talk about Becky Lynch getting her even up win over Natalya? Which one of the new Divas have the best chance to succeed? Is it Alexa Bliss? Can Naomi be rebuilt? Doesn’t Carmella come off as a heel without Enzo & Cass around? Does Eva Marie fit into a role? Will Bayley end up getting called up to Smackdown because of their lack of star power with the women? Or will she go to Raw where her character plays well against Charlotte & Sasha Banks? Were Shelton Benjamin & Rhyno good pick ups for Smackdown? Won’t they also be playing a role rather than being the big star? They finally talk about Kevin’s boy Dolph Ziggler winning the six pack challenge? Can he also be rebuilt? Is there even a chance he beats Dean Ambrose though? Chris & Kevin move onto the Raw portion of the show and they start with the women on this show too. Was it a surprise the Sasha Banks won the WWE Women’s Title on Raw instead of at Summerslam? Will it be weird when Banks beat Charlotte at the event? Were there more presentation differences on Raw than there were on Smackdown? Was the Banks interview after the match a welcome change?  Is Finn Balor being on top of the Raw a welcome change? Will the WWE carry over the Demon gimmick to Raw? How will the WWE make this match up with Seth Rollins personal? How far in the dog house is Roman Reigns? What is the last beer that Jeremy gave Kevin for Christmas in July? Find out by clicking on the link below.

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