Stunt Granny Audio 370 – Smackdown over Raw, AIW & UFC 203

Chris & Kevin are back again and they’re ready to talk about the record low WWE Raw ratings but of course they quickly swerve into talking about all of the positives of Smackdown. Is Jack Swagger‘s move from Raw to Smackdown the main culprit? Why is it that the longer show is the one that is having a hard time developing characters while the shorter show even has time to fill out characters? Will even Smackdown be able to resurrect Swagger’s career? Why are they having him go against Baron Corbin who has gotten some of his own character development? Do we still even know why Jinder Mahal is back on Raw after his short promo on Monday? Is Steve Austin at fault for Dean Ambrose‘s lack of character development recently? Will his barbs against John Cena help his character? Why would AJ Styles want to interact with either of these guys after beating them so recently? Why did Cena set a goal of tying Ric Flair’s 16 time World Championship record? CM Punk may have set a record with possibly the worst showing in UFC history. Chris & Kevin quickly swerve again to talk about Ronda Rousey showing up at the Absolutely Intense Wrestling to support her friend Shayna Baszler. This time they do get back to talking about Punk. Did you need to watch the fight to know how lop sided it was? Does he have a career in the UFC for future fights? Could he even get a win in the The Ultimate Fighter show? Chris & Kevin wrap up by talking about Stunt Granny Brewing’s latest beer. What is it? Find out when you click the link below!

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