Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #72


This week We Watch Stuff is back to bringing the fun. They boys start off by going back a week and discussing season 2 of Mr. Robot.  Have you ever watched a show where you didn’t trust anything you were watching? What other show will make you feel kind of stupid? Just how intricate is this show and how long can it sustain this level of success? Talk turns to the original Blade and if this movie gets the credit it deserves. Was Blade a comic book movie or a movie with a comic book character? Would the movie have worked or even been made without Wesley Snipes? Would an audience accept X-23 instead of Wolverine? Did the X-men reboot is an opportunity to recast Wolverine? They boys even discuss some wrestling and the difference between Smackdown Live! And Monday Night Raw. There is obviously more but you have to listen to find out the rest. SO download and listen won’t you?


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