Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 10 Oct. ’16

The Oakland Museum of Modern Art. Saved from

The Oakland Museum of Modern Art. Saved from

Sasha Banks comes out and celebrates her big win over Charlotte. She challenges Charlotte to a Hell In A Cell (HIAC). Charlotte answers the call but before she can even get to the ring, Rusev’s music hits. He runs down women’s wrestling. Lana backs up his point. She gets attacked for trying to put them in their place. Rusev gets drop kicked out of the ring by Sasha & Charlotte. As he re-enters the ring, Roman Reigns comes down. Rusev holds the ring until Reigns arrives. We get a stare down. Rusev is rocking some serious mutton chops now.

New Day doesn’t have a whole lot to work with since they are taking on the newly formed Cesaro & Sheamus. The WWE is now using Facebook Live. When will Stunt Granny start doing video content? Who knows. Cesaro is taking on Kofi Kingston by the way. Sheamus distracts Cesaro after a Kofi blown spot. Kofi small packages Cesaro for the win.

Bayley gets to take on a very plain looking Cami Fields. As you would expect, Bayley to Belly for the squash win. Dana Brooke attacks her from behind while she is on the stage. Cue feud in which the baby has already won over her opponent twice. Riveting.

Tony Nese & Drew Gulak are in a tag team match against Lince Dorado & Sin Cara. Is he even a Cruiser Weight? He has a mask on, that makes him a Cruiser Weight, right? Michael Cole informs us that he decided to join the division after my healthy dose of sarcasm. Dorado gets the hot tag. Shooting Star Press for the victory.

Stephanie McMahon has a run in with Mick Foley back stage. I don’t know how Foley’s wife stays with him between the beard and the out fits. Mick tries to deny that the match will be in a HIAC but then tells us it will be in it. Foley also tells us the Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens will be in HIAC also. The later of those two comes out with Chris Jericho. Owens doesn’t want to be in the match because he doesn’t want to end up being washed up like Foley. Jericho blames Foley for being biased against Jericho which is why Owens is in the HIAC. Foley confirms the theory. Jericho puts him on “The List.” Foley reminds him that he’s already on there. Stephanie tells Jericho that she is backing Foley’s decisions. Stephanie makes a match between Jericho and Seth Rollins in which if Jericho wins, he’s in the match at HIAC. Seth Rollins is ready to crush the three way match tonight, which I fully expected any way. Rollins wonders what Owens is thinking since Jericho may not be his best friend in a HIAC match.

Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel are now a team again. They’re not going anywhere in singles so it makes sense. Enzo Amore & Big Cass are their opponents. Just as Enzo starts his promo, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows attack. They get the Boot of Doom on Enzo and the Magic Killer on Cass. They tell us the games are over. I still remember you losing three straight to New Day. Prove it.

Dallas & Axel still want to wrestle someone. Sami Zayn answers the call first. Neville is his partner. Dallas takes it to Zayn early. Axel evens gets his turn of looking good. Zayn changes thins with an Exploder suplex into the corner. Helluva Kick followed by Red Arrow for the win. Dallas hops off the apron and walks out.

Lana is still not happy with Charlotte, who is still angry too. Everyone wants everyone to saty out of their ways.

R Truth and Titus O’Neil had a verbal altercation back stage about branding. R Truth with a cheap roll up win. Moving along.

Brian Kendrick is angry back stage. TJ Perkins wants Kendrick to be less of a prick. Perkins gives him a pep talk. When Kendrick goes for the cheap shot, Perkins pops him. Best character segment for them so far.

Braun Strowman gets two opponents. The Splash Brothers are going to get squashed. Strowman is pissed off at Foley still. If he doesn’t get real competition next week, what happens is on Foley’s hands.

Roman Reigns & Sasha Banks are taking on Rusev & Charlotte in a mixed tag match. The early discussion is on whether Sasha & Charlotte can survive a HIAC match. Reigns gets to take it to Rusev early. Sasha has his back by stopping Charlotte’s illegal actions. Rusev is in control after the break. Reigns breaks the momentum with a Superman Punch out of nowhere. Charlotte makes the tag on a dazed Rusev. Sasha finishes the onslaught with double knees to Charlotte. Bank Statement. Reigns Spears Rusev trying to make the save. Charlotte taps out for the loss.

Kevin Owens doesn’t care what match he has at HIAC because he’s walking out of the event as the WWE Universal Champion. Tom Phillips tries to get friction between them by asking about Owens walking away last week. Chris Jericho confirms he was okay with taking a beating. Phillips gets put on the list for his insolence.

Paul Heyman confirms that Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar is officially a match but doesn’t give a date. It was just an offer of a match, but there’s no way it doesn’t get accepted. I felt like when I read the reports about Goldberg’s appearance that it was nothing to see. You could so tell he was working an angle in the clip the WWE aired tonight.

Brian Kendrick is on the head set. Ariya Daivari is taking on TJ Perkins. Kendrick is doing a good job for himself but I would be bummed if he takes off after this angle with Perkins. Daivari creates an opening for himself but it doesn’t last long. Perkins gets a two count from a GTS like Pele Kick. Daivari gets a near fall reversing a pin attempt. Daivari misses a splash of the top. Wrecking Ball Drop Kick. Knee Bar follows it up for the tap out win.

Stephanie runs into Chris Jericho. He jokingly says they have never had problems in the WWE. Steph says Jericho will know what to do if he gets into the match. Kevin Owens wants to know what it’s about. Jericho replies that it was about friendship. Cue foreshadowing of Rollins not winning tonight.

Jericho has his match with Seth Rollins in the main event. I assumed Rollins calling himself “The Man” on the outside meant they were stalling for a commercial break. I was wrong. Owens ends up distracting Rollings. Jericho suplexes Rollins over the top rope stomach first. Jericho keeps working over Rollins injured ribs. Rollins Enziguris Jericho.  Rollins gets a two count from a Sling Blade. Jericho attacks the ribs again but blows the lead by talking trash. Rollins gets crotched on the top ropes. Rollins drops Jericho face first to the mat. Jericho drop kicks Rollins into the ribs as he goes for a cross body. Rollins high knees Jericho. Owens distracts Rollins who drop kicks Owens. Jericho takes advantage but Rollins kicks out. Owens super kicks Rollins. Jericho only gets two again. Jericho misses a diving plancha. Rollins nails Owens with a Suicide Dive. Rollins kick Jericho. Rollins goes for a flying knee and looks like he connects for real. Rollins misses the frog splash. Lionsault only gets two for Jericho. Rollins again kicks Jericho in the head. Jericho counters a Pedigree but it back fires on him. Rollins turns the pin fall on Jericho and gets the three count. Kevin Owens attacks Rollins. He gets the upper hand shortly but Rollins tosses him from ring side. Rollins Pedigrees Jericho while Owens walks away again. Good story line work tonight. – Kevin DiFrango

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