Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 76 – Putting the OHPA in OHPA

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Ken & Kevin are back again and they are talking about PA and OH this week. They start off in Pittsburgh because of the Uber self driving car that is making it’s way around town as we speak. How is it to take a ride in one of these cars? How much of a range does the service have? Why did Uber pick Pittsburgh of all places? Why don’t any of the other companies with self driving cars like Google and Tesla have them out on the roads? Did one of their cars go down a one way street? Haven’t we all done that though? Why didn’t the driver stop the car from going the wrong way? Or was the driver the one who went the wrong way? Are these cars making stops at know accident spots? Shouldn’t the programmers know if an intersection is accident prone? If they’ve had this many problems, why haven’t the Pittsburgh police been alerted about these errors? If these problems have popped up, what happens when the so called “Trolley Problem” arises with a self driving car? What’s wrong with the “Trolley Problem” scenarios? How many people did Kevin kill in the example problems? How often does a run away car kill a pedestrian? Why doesn’t the news cover pedestrian deaths? Would they do it more if multiple persons died during an accident? Ken & Kevin urge everyone to not drink and drive but does it make it better if you only drive a horse and buggy? The Amish have been having some ragers in OH. Is it because it’s getting harder and harder to stay isolated? The guys wrap up the show by discussing the Bell Time Beer of the Week. What is it? Click on the link below to find out.

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