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All rights to Gene Page/AMC.

All rights to Gene Page/AMC.

Jeremy: So you didn’t like the show this week? I thought it was pretty good. I felt it was one of the stronger episodes thsi season. Admittedly this has been a weak season so far.

Kevin: We had that brief chat about it and then I watched the last 20 minutes. I did think that wrap up of the show was pretty solid. It was another episode though to me that was longer than necessary. I had a good chuckle that they kept advertising the 90 minute finale during a 90 minute show.

Jeremy: I caught that as well and my DVR says it is only 75 minutes next week. So someone is lying! I liked it for all the wrong reasons I believe. Negan finally was charming and showed way more character. Instead of a cartoon eh was a real person. Even if he is still the villain it made me like him a bit.

Kevin: They did flesh out him and the Saviors more than they had in any previous episodes. The fact that his love of women extended the whole way to Olivia at Alexandria did crack me up some.

Jeremy: I am trying to figure out if that is all an act or if he is just an act and when he breaks character that is him. This is why I liked the episode. Was he just screwing with Carl and Olivia when he acted remorseful for hurting their feelings? Was he being actually being more of a jerk acting sympathetic? Is that how he gets people to trust in him?

Kevin:  I’d go with him being more of a jerk acting remorseful and that is part of the reason people trust him. I don’t feel like he acted any different to Carl & Olivia than he did to Dwight & Sherry. Being a stickler for the (very rough) rules helps too.

Jeremy: He is being more of an outward dick with Dwight though. He keeps saying once you pay the price then your punishment is over but with Dwight it clearly isn’t. His thing with Sherry is odd.Was she telling him what she wanted to hear or has she totally given up on Dwight for being weaker? She has to have been the one to slip Daryl the key since he continues standing up to Negan. She also sees a kid standing up to Negan when her husband wouldn’t.

Kevin: Negan does have an odd respect for those who stand up to him too. I’m not sure why some of them end up having a love connection with Lucille though. I was thinking that Jesus slipped him the key. Sherry has been helpful to Daryl so I should have assumed her. It was interesting that Sherry seemed less interested in Dwight in the hallway this episode than the previous so Carl & Daryl standing up to Negan may have had an effect on her attitude.

Jeremy: Seeing Mark get disfigured may have drummed up some bad memories for her as well. Keeping Dwight away for his own good may be her angle there. I am guessing the Lucille thing is also a form of punishment but more so a sign of his control. Ricks group killed a bunch and so one had to go. Stupid Daryl got Glen killed.

Kevin: I was glad to see why Dwight was disfigured himself. The rules  are pretty rigid for the Saviors which I think helps Negan keep control.

Jeremy: I want to know what this points thing is. For some reason that is all I care about after Negan mentions points. Dwight seems to be the guy that would turn on Negan but in this series/show he would probably be the rat that gets someone killed to improve his own standing.

Kevin: Ha. I had forgotten about the points. There still is plenty to learn about the Saviors. The points may be why Dwight enjoys his egg sandwich every day. No amount of points saves you from an iron to the face.

Jeremy: Well he did cheat with one of Negan’s wives so yeah he had it coming. The scene with his harem, what i am calling it, was interesting in that he expressed his conflicted morals. he doesn’t abuse them physically but psychologically beats them.

Kevin: Negan brought up the conflicting morals all show long, really. We’ve already talked about who dies, who lives and also his mean comments/butter up comment follow up and now the harem. Honestly, that’s the best word to use for them considering there were a dozen plus of them.

Jeremy: He did a lot of that but it seems like he is genuinely interested in Carl for some reason. Well, before he got to Alexandria and discovered the plot device known as Judith. Now it seems like he is just using this all to get at Rick through Carl.

Kevin: That was part of the ending that cracked me up. Negan acting like a neighbor holding Judith reminded me of the scenes when the Group got to Alexandria. And that does seem like a solid idea on Negan’s part.

Jeremy: The scenes form next week with him clean shaven looking a bit like Rick sold it for me.  Which we haven’t even discussed the goofy side stories with Rick and Aaron, Michonne and Spencer, Father Gabriel and Jesus. I didn’t think Jesus gave Daryl the key but now that you mentioned it he is a sneaky guy and he did see Daryl out on the fence before disappearing. I figure he is in the truck but maybe not.

Kevin: Ha, are we going to get to those stories and make this a super long post or stick to the big stories? My thinking on the Jesus part was also due to the fact that Daryl was the only one who looked up when Jesus was on top of the truck. Jesus seems like the sneaky type too and not a “Go in guns blazing” type.

Jeremy: The other stuff was just filler it seems. Michonne going to Negans compound makes me think her and Daryl run in to each other possibly. And previews already show Rick gets back just fine.

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