Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 80 – Hyperloop One, Fear & Psilocybin

If you can’t tell from the two water marks, this is property of Hyperloop One.

Ken & Kevin are ready to talk about some cool tech that may be making it’s way to Columbus OH. Will Hyperloop One be coming to their city? If it does, how long will it take them to get to Pittsburgh? Or to Chicago? And why is Hyperloop making a stop in Fort Wayne IN? Will there still be lines to wait in for such a fast moving transportation? They move along to talking about the fear people may have taking transportation that fast. Will we be able to recondition our brains to overcome fear without pain? Would it be able to help PTSD? What does Pavlov’s dogs have to do with this experiment? Will either of your hosts need this for their own fears? The guys may have had some fears when they allegedly took magic mushrooms in the past. What is some new research saying about taking a controlled dose of psilocybin? How many people were used in this experiment? How long has psilocybin been outlawed to use in an experiment? How profound were the effects of a single dose? Did it work for everyone? Staying on the topics of drugs, is it possible for three people to mistake a hops farm for a marijuana farm? That happened on Prince Edward Island. Why is it that the police who arrested these knuckle heads also doing something dumb? Is there something in the water around the island? The guys drank some beer water from their good friend Steve for the Bell Time Beer of the week.

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