Stunt Granny Conversation – The Walking Dead – Season 7 – Bury Me Here

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Jeremy: Do we want get to The Walking Dead?

Kevin: Yes we do because we finally got the push from that the Kingdom needed to go to war with The Saviors.

Jeremy: I called 2 out of the 3 big happenings so far. Benjamin was clearly going to be the catalyst for The Kingdom and Morgan telling Carol. I did not anticipate how that was done.

Kevin: I had forgotten about Benjamin altogether but he does fall under the old TWD category of “If you start to learn something about them, they’re going to die” category.

Jeremy: Oh as soon as he bought the painting I said ” He’s so dead tonight.” I thought the impact of his death was lost with the commercial break. Since we knew it wasn’t Richard getting shot it killed the moment. Were we supposed to think it was Morgan?

Kevin: I don’t know. Something similar has happened so often that I didn’t even bother to think who got shot. It also probably helps that I watch on the DVR so my wait time for “Who died?” is all of 15 seconds.

Jeremy: We sat through commercial and it was pretty obvious it was Benjamin to me. He was the only one that makes sense. Have they ever given a name to the Saviors they meet with? The despondent tone the lead took when he learned of his death was a surprise.

Kevin: I’d have to look it up to know their names. Even after the lead sent away the shooter, I don’t remember a name. There were a couple of interesting facts about the incident: the shooter did do what Negan typically does, shoot someone who isn’t being trouble. As you noted, it was interesting that the Lead was bummed about it.

Jeremy: As if it was never intended to kill him or maybe just maim. It wasn’t a reaction I expected but he was always even keeled. I like the Dwight stand in, we all want to see him killed. Maybe Lead has some humanity and just doesn’t want to do this but has to in order to survive.

Kevin: The Lead definitely seemed interested but as you noted, his monotone delivery still made him seem like he didn’t care that much. He did only send the shooter away. I did kind of laugh that the Kingdom had gone through all the trouble of putting in a wooden crate only to bring one cantaloupe for that scene.

Jeremy: Yes that did make it seem absurd. Jared is the shooter. I looked that up by the way. The Kingdom and Saviors meet ups are always intense. This was no different. I think this is what made the episode so good. In comparison to last week it was dangerous.

Kevin: While I liked it more than last week’s, I wasn’t all that enamored by it either. I was pretty shocked though at the second meet up when Morgan let lose on Richard. I didn’t see that coming and to me, it still left enough gray area around Morgan wondering whether he completed Richard’s goal of getting close to the Saviors again only to turn on them or if he was trying to truly save the peace.

Jeremy: I think he handled two different problems. He wanted to Kill Richard but he knows he had to change. What better way to get this accomplished but by using Richards own plan. When he used Richards exact words on The Lead that was the tipping point for me. Then Morgan goes all Clear and starts bashing walkers. You can only fight reality so long and Morgan was slipping back again. He had to have it all which I didn’t see coming as well.

Kevin: They used the video montage to help out the slipping back again. Although I hadn’t really thought about the similarities between himself and Richard as far as losing their family goes.

Jeremy: Morgan was in a similar situation since his walker wife ate his kid.It is a heavy burden to carry around o matter how much the world doesn’t make sense.

Kevin: And honestly, if the series of events from Morgan didn’t tell you The Kingdom was ready to join Alexandria and Hilltop, five seconds later, Carol & Ezekiel both said they were ready for war. I wish more of their decision making had been shown on screen, but we finally got what we wanted even if it’ll be delivered in season 8.

Jeremy: Ok so they keep saying Hilltop is on board. Did I miss something? Last I knew Gregory, the leader, said no. I know Maggie is the vice-president but that doesn’t mean much. They have to toss Gregory first and that hasn’t happened.

Kevin: I’m going back to the fact that Gregory is despised by all of Hilltop and we still don’t know why he was elected. Anytime the town folk say that they’re ready for battle, I feel like it’s easy to say they’re on board except for the nominal head.

Jeremy: There hasn’t been a big distinction in size for Hilltop so it could be a few out of 100? It also doesn’t help Maggie is supposed to be dead so they cant even overthrow Gregory ad insert her without causing issues.

Kevin: Ha. That is certainly something that has been overlooked by yours truly about Maggie being dead. They mentioned it when she moved there but it’s been a non-subject since then. If you’re talking size comparison though, it’s hard to tell anyone’s numbers. The Saviors compound has always been shown off in the distance, we made fun of how few of the Alexandrians have been shown since Rick & the Gang show up and Hilltop is a mystery. The best visuals we’ve gotten have been on The Kingdom.

Jeremy: Hilltop, for having the weakest leadership, has the most potential for trouble. Maggie is dead and Daryl is wanted. I am just hoping this war , which clearly starts next season, isn going ot be a high school basketball game gym fight.

Kevin: Well, they certainly hinted at the problems and was likely one of the reasons Rick left Daryl at The Kingdom in the first place. No reason to have both of your problem children in the same community.

Jeremy: And stupid Daryl just can’t listen.

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