Stunt Granny Conversation – The Walking Dead – Season 7 – The Other Side

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Jeremy: At least I am getting somewhere unlike The Dragging Dead.

Kevin: It’s kind of funny that we wanted to know more about some of these characters but either A) they find themselves dead by the end of the episode (Richard last week, Sasha this week, a litany of others previously) or B) the character they are given makes absolutely no sense given what their character has shown on the show up to this date (Rosita).

Jeremy: Exactly. So all of a sudden Sasha is suicidal? What was the motivation there? Also, this happened last week as well, characters let their guard down twice this episode in situations that they shouldn’t. In this case they sneak right outside f the compound and have a heart  to heart? What the hell.

Kevin: The Sasha turn within the episode also made no sense. Wants a clean sniper shot the entire show until they try to save Eugene, who was the only character who made any damn sense for that show.

Jeremy: Yes, Eugene sticking to his “plan” or just being himself and joining Negan was the only part that made sense in that part of the episode. Rosita’s reaction also  was spot on but then Sasha goes and runs through the fence and locks her out. On the clear shot part, um I’m no sharpshooter, but a bullet doesn’t stop when it hits one person in the head. She had a shot and never took it. Eugene wasn’t always in front of him.

Kevin: Why would Eugene want to leave? Consistent food and Negan doesn’t treat him like he’s an idiot, which is way better than anything he got at Alexandria. I do agree that Rosita is one of the few people nice to him so her trying to get him back made sense. On TV, bullets only go into one person, especially from a sniper rifle. Rolls eyes.

Jeremy: I forgot on TV and movies bullets can;t penetrate a car door window. Back to the Sasha/Rosita dynamic. Rosita had that convo in the comics about being in the camp. It was done in a totally different time and place with someone else. It was almost as if this was a fake out since following the norm Rosita should have died.

Kevin: Rosita did get the big speech but because she can make knots, she gets to live.

Jeremy: But Sasha is the best shot they have unless it means shooting through another person in plain sight. Also, if you looked closely, at one point they had the cap over the sight still.

Kevin: Ha. I didn’t notice that. The location they were holed up seemed like it should be regularly checked by The Saviors. That was a nice perch to kill a bunch of Saviors even if you don’t get Negan.

Jeremy: Right, which is why during their hear to hear I expected someone to stumble across them. Instead we got a lot of long shots that prove the metal helmet walkers is a dumb idea. They have them tied to the fence since they cannot stand up. It made em think Eugene actually has a plan.

Kevin: I‘ve never quite understood the walker “maze” that the Saviors had. They’re all limited with their movements and can be easily dispatched. The only thing that helmet walkers do is not die which isn’t useful to the Saviors. If they have it set up like the dog kennel in cage match, it’d make some sense, that version? Useless before Eugene and useless with Eugene.

Jeremy: Right and the walkers on the show have become an afterthought really. I understand why though. I guess their use would be to slow people down. Much like the pacing of this series has become. Things happened on this episode that should have happened before as well as been handled quicker. Why did Simon give Gregory a piece of paper instead of forcing the issue? How long was Daryl there before he talked to Maggie? Was it the smartest idea to have that convo right after the guy left the cellar? Ya know, he could have come back.

Kevin: Gregory is a piece of garbage but you’re right, he’s handing Maggie & Daryl to Simon without a fight but Simon is too dumb to accept it. Well, if Gregory knows Daryl is around? I was so confused on Daryl’s length of stay there like so many other time lapse problems on this show. I wasn’t all that worried about the guy coming back to the cellar though. The point of searching something is to make sure it’s clear and that moron deemed it clear.

Jeremy: Yeah I am but not sure why Gregory would keep that a secret. Does he know Maggie is supposed to be dead? Daryl seems to be hidden with Maggie so maybe he doesn’t know? The bit at the end with Jesus and Gregory was interesting. Did Gregory find his on tequila or did he cut a deal on sly? Simon doesn’t seem like the guy that would suddenly waffle. It was also the first time that Jesus seemed to be caught off guard but at same time was defiant.

Kevin: TWD writers certainly didn’t give us enough time to know the answers to a lot of these questions and had plenty of time to answer them with some of the other nonsense filler that has gone on this half season. But the nonsense filler won out. Even hard to tell on the tequila front as they left the Gregory/Simon meeting as though there wasn’t a deal but I can see them whipping up a scene in which Simon accepted. Also, was Jesus the one watching the Gregory/Simon meet up or did they just think that was a cool camera angle?

Jeremy: That was just a cool camera angle. The big mystery is was how did Daryl get to Rosita so fast. Hint: It’s Dwight.

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