Stunt Granny Conversation – The Walking Dead – Season 7 – Something They Need

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Jeremy: I really enjoyed last nights episode of Walking Dead. I did not expect the Oceanside group to go out so easily. I also expected them to go along despite Grandma saying no.

Kevin: It’s kind of funny how the leaders are the only ones who don’t want to change. You could even go back to Rick needing convincing to take on The Saviors. Ezekiel needed convincing and Gregory still isn’t on board. Grandma seemed like she was in the minority of wanting to take on the Saviors, much like Gregory at Hilltop.

Jeremy: Going in tot he episode I expected Oceanside to waffle and Rick do his magic. I liked that it didn’t happen and not all of them wanted to fight. The leaders thing is something I hadn’t thought of. I guess we can chalk it up to the old heavy wears the crown sort of thing.I wish they would have explained why it was an all or nothing proposition for Oceanside., Grandma isn’t going to be happy with them so why stay?

Kevin: I’m not sure why it was an all or nothing thing. I can understand wanting as many guns as possible but do you really need that many? Do you have enough people to handle the number of guns you have now? Wouldn’t Rick & the Junk Yard gang have some idea of how many people are armed at this point?

Jeremy: Well in war you make sure you got plenty of back up. One breaks falls or whatever you need what you need. Also, it prevents Oceanside form coming back at them for revenge. I just thought of this but it would be rather funny if the Junkyard gang is actually  totally inept with guns.

Kevin: The Junkyard Gang really hasn’t proven much, if anything. Catching Father Gabriel isn’t impressive. That is a good point that Oceanside can’t come back at you but that doesn’t really seem like their MO anyway.

Jeremy: No when you are hiding out that deep you don;t really leave. I would just love to see Junkyard gang grab the guns and then Yakkity Sax start playing while they fire the guns in the ground and air clipping off some of their ranks.

Kevin: I’d love to see that. I hope someone does that as a parody. I don’t expect that to happen though. I don’t expect to see them handling the guns much until next season in the fall.

Jeremy: Next week it all starts as the season ends. The problem with dragging stuff out. All of this should have happened in middle not the end. Did you get sort of a Negan vibe from Rick?

Kevin: Not really. I know he took the guns from Oceanside but he didn’t harm anyone and even set up the explosions to make sure no one got hurt. Negan would at least make someone pay by way of Lucile to get the point across.

Jeremy: It was just the matter of fact way he handled things. I suppose tat is the best way really bu it wasn’t even a discussion. Join or we take. I suppose we should mention Maggie since we didn’t last week but that didn’t go much of anywhere til end.

Kevin: They did at least establish that most of the people of Hilltop do listen to her over Gregory. They established that Gregory did in fact sell out everyone who is with her. Lastly, Gregory is a pussy got established.

Jeremy: Ha good review. He hadn’t even killed a walker? How do you get that far? Meaning how did Gregory get that far and then become a leader?

Kevin: We’ve asked that question a number of times and still haven’t come up with an answer. Last night didn’t make things any more clear. It was like a rerun of Eugene trying to kill a walker the first time and failing miserably.

Jeremy: I suppose we should say Eugene is all in with The Saviors now? I will say that was a surprise. It made sense he would try and get Sasha to come around though.

Kevin: I’m still not entirely sure Eugene is all in with the Saviors. I can see him turning against them if Rick & the communities start to overwhelm the Saviors. To me, his stance is while I’m here, I’m with them so join me.

Jeremy: I get that but doesn’t exactly make for a trustful relationship once things go south. I knew he was handing Sasha that pill instead of an actual weapon.

Kevin: I had forgotten about the pill all together. Makes sense for Eugene to do things that way since he’d never want to go out in a blaze of glory like Sasha (or Abraham)

Jeremy: He also never picks up on subtlety. He also wasn’t going to give up his position and give Sasha a weapon. He knows why she was asking for it which explains her pained expression. She lost both her life and knows Eugene isn’t going to help her. It was a pretty brutal scene.

Kevin: I didn’t think about that. Every time I saw Sasha on screen, I wondered how she got out of her assault without a scratch.

Jeremy: Yeah exactly. I guess since she was a woman they went easy? Unlike poor dumb David.

Kevin: The Saviors take it easy on a lot of people. Carl got off easy too. I’m not quite sure what their requirements are for death.

Jeremy: Be in their way.

Kevin: I guess killing some of their crew isn’t being in their way. It would seem that way to me, but what do I know? I’m not dictator in a zombie apocalypse.

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