Stunt Granny Audio 413 – Kenny, Okada, Brock, Joe and Balls of Fire…….Balls

This week it’s a two man show for “Stunt Granny Audio #413.” S Kevin suns himself on the beaches of Guam, Jeremy and Chris get to discuss the weeks top stories. Did Okada and Kenny Omega top their first match? Did the brawl between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar work? Better yet did it sufficiently hype the dreadfully named “Great Balls of Fire” PPV? Is the reported riff between Triple H and Vince McMahon legit? Is the idea that NXT talent is misused once they get the callup correct? How about Okada/Omega 2? Was it worth the praise and what other than the in ring performance made it stand out? Who enjoys the presentation difference for New Japan over WWE’s? Who made the better Batman and who conveniently removed their discussion from social media? It will all make sense so all you need to do is give our show a  listen.


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