Stunt Granny Presents – OHPA 112 – Pee Boxes, Shark Heist, Jupiter and Massospora

Stunt Granny LTD/Kevin DiFrango

Ken & Kevin are back and ready to talk about peeing in public. Like on the streets. Is this a major problem? Paris seems to think that urinals disguised as planters are a good idea to install to combat this epidemic. Would either of your hosts use one? Why are they located near tourist attractions? Why don’t Parisian’s have bladder control? Americans have their own problems, like this lovely trio that stole a shark from a San Antonio Aquarium. Why was the video footage misleading? Why didn’t the thieves plan the heist better? How quickly did the main culprit sell out his accomplices? Ken & Kevin move on from blunders to wonders. How is it that astronomer’s had missed 10 moons around Jupiter? How did we find new objects so far into space? How many moons does Jupiter have in total now? What direction do these moons go in? The guys come back down to their last topic of the night, cicadas. Yes, the insect that lives most of it’s life underground only to spawn every 13-17 years. What has been recently found out about these creatures? Why do they lose one third of their body size? Why did the research working on these insects need to call Drug Enforcement Agency? Of course Ken & Kevin wrap up by talking about their drug of choice, beer. What was the Bell Time Beer? Find out when you click the link!

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