Stunt Granny Audio 522 – Jericho’s Stolen Belt, AEW & Bayley

Stunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Chris & Kevin had a great story drop into their laps, Chris Jericho losing his newly won AEW World Championship Belt at a Logan’s Roadhouse in Tallahassee FL. How many questions do the guys have? How many crazy scenarios could have happened? Would this be considered grand larceny? The guys move on to talk about AEW’s All Out. Was Jericho the right man to win the Championship even with this gaffe? Will Adam Page have better days? Will The Elite get all of the bells and whistles even if they stay out of their respective championship pictures? Does AEW already have the bets tag team division in professional wrestling? Especially after adding the former LAX in Ortiz & Santana? Chris & Kevin finally talk WWE and discuss…Erick Rowan. Does Roman Reigns still end up facing Daniel Bryan? Will the Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston feud stretch to Hell In a Cell? Is Bayley‘s heel turn for the best? Is it a surprise that the women’s division seems to be clicking again with all Four of the Horsewomen at the top? What else do your hosts talk about? Click the link below to find out!

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