Stunt Granny Audio 531 – Shorty G, Rusev’s Hope, AEW and Joey Ryan

Chris & Kevin are behind the mics this week and they’re ready to talk about an uneven week in the WWE. Is it weird that Shorty G has been in the works for over four months in the WWE? Will your hosts at least enjoy more performances from Chad Gable? If the Survivor Series mold of Raw vs Smackdown holds this year, what are the possible combinations of champion vs champion? Will it be Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar, again? How about Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt? Is Cain Velasquez vs Wyatt be the worst combination possible? How did Raw end up with both Charlotte and Becky Lynch? Didn’t Raw get the better of the roster in general? Is it truly up to Bayley now to build a new women’s division around on Smackdown? Why does Rusev still have hope that Lana will come back to him? Has Bobby Lashley finally found a character in the WWE? What did the guys think of the Marko Stunt dust up from the previous AEW Dynamite? Is AEW different than the WWE already because of their pushing of the tag team division? When did the WWE give up on tag teams since they used to have tag team Survivor Series matches? Last but not least, what do the guys make of Joey Ryan‘s move to Impact Wrestling? Find out that and more by clicking the link below.

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