Stunt Granny Audio 546 – NXT & AEW Review

Chris & Kevin got together on the rare Thursday night show to talk about the Wednesday Night Wars. Are they really Wars though since everyone can record 5 stations at a time, right? They start by talking all things Keith Lee. Can he make the North American Championship more prominent than it has been? Has Undisputed Era created too many enemies for themselves? Could NXT vs NXT UK be more like the rivalry that the WWE wants out of Raw vs Smackdown? What are their thoughts on the Dusty Classic finalists Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle vs the Grizzled Young Veterans? What about the ladies of NXT like Io Shirai, Bianca Belair, Toni Storm? Is Shayna Bazler going to move to Raw or Smackdown to get some fresh opponents? Could that time be at the Royal Rumble? Since Chris & Kevin started with the new champion on NXT, they started with the new champions on AEW, Kenny Omega & Adam Page. How much fun was the crowd surfing that Page did after the match? Did SCU ever get a good push as tag team champions? Is it too early to be pulling a heel turn like Britt Baker is attempting? Don’t they need to establish her more as a goody two shoes before heeling it up? How did the guys like the setting of the show? Was it logical to expect Jon Moxley to beat PAC since he’s already feuding with Chris Jericho? Will he take home the championship at the next PPV? Is that enough to cover? We hope so. Enjoy.

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