Stunt Granny Audio 561 – Wrestlemania Aftermath

Jeremy & Kevin are hitting the air waves this time to talk about the post Wrestlemania WWE. Well, that was their intention but differing views on events during Wrestlemania led us through a rabbit hole of talking about Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley and why it may have sounded pornographic. It spawned the talk of how great the women’s division on NXT is at present. What are Jeremy’s reasons for wanting Shayna Bazler to end the reign of Becky Lynch? Are the Raw and Smackdown rosters begging for even more new blood than Bianca Belair? Why was Liv Morgan so competitive with Asuka? Would a live crowd have been up for the Boneyard match but not the Firefly Funhouse match? What are the absurd comparisons that Kevin makes? Can the Undertaker refuse to take a second perfect farewell? Is the Vince McMahon puppet the most over the top thing in WWE these days? Does it matter if John Cena & Bray Wyatt didn’t actually have a match? Did Lucha Underground & the Broken Universe pave the way for this type of story telling from the WWE? What else did the guys talk about on National Beer Day? The Bell Time Beer of the show of course. Enjoy!

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